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MCLL Programs

The two cornerstones of learning at MCLL are peer learning and active participation. It is these principles that differentiate our programs from traditional university courses and classes. You will have the opportunity to choose from 30 to 50 study groups in a broad range of topics such as art, music, culture, literature, history, politics, health and science. Thirty to 50 lectures are also offered every term, along with computer workshops and occasional outings.

Study Groups

Study groups meet during the daytime for 10-week terms in Fall, Winter and Spring.

In the study group structure, members meet in groups of ten to twenty-five to study a subject of common interest. The groups are led informally by peer moderators who are themselves members of MCLL. The form of participant involvement varies according to the subject matter and the approach chosen by the moderator. The level of involvement can range from mere presence, to advance preparation/research, participation in group discussions and presentations to the class. Classrooms have state-of-the-art equipment, allowing Web access as well as the use of a variety of support materials.

Lectures, Workshops and Outings

Lectures are given by volunteer MCLL members and, on occasion, by invited guests. There are also Tech Savvy workshops led either by MCLL members or by students from the School of Continuing Studies’ Intensive English Language and Culture program. Outings are eclectic in nature. Most of these activities are held on Fridays during the fall, winter and spring terms, although there are exceptions. The summer program offers a wide array of lectures on eight Wednesdays during July and August.

Consult the current Calendar to choose your study groups and lectures.  It provides a complete schedule together with descriptions of each study group and lecture.

Special Events

Social and educational special events are organized by and for the membership. Events that have been organized in the past include lectures by McGill faculty, art shows, annual Holiday and pre-summer parties, and conferences on seniors’ learning.


Members of MCLL are a resource for international students in the School of Continuing Studies’ Certificate of Proficiency in English – Language and Culture program, sharing their experiences by speaking to students both in the classroom and on a one-to-one basis.

Outreach to seniors’ residences

MCLL members present lectures at a number of senior residences on Montreal Island.

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