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Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

The Graduate Certificate consists of four required three-credit courses and one three-credit elective course. As a person with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, which provides a solid academic background in business, this 15 credit program is designed to provide you with the specialized knowledge you need for today's changing business world in the shortest possible time.



Diploma in Applied Marketing

The Diploma in Applied Marketing is intended for students who wish to build on their previous university studies to help prepare themselves for marketing positions in business, industry or not-for-profit organizations, or to make a career change. This program will introduce students to theories, practices and recent developments in the field of marketing, and provide an opportunity to apply these in practical situations.


Diploma in Management: Marketing Concentration

Applications to this program will no longer be accepted. This diploma has been replaced by the Diploma in Applied Marketing effective Fall 2013.

The tried and true often doesn't work any more. Corporations must respond effectively to today's more sophisticated customer. With this specialization, you will acquire solid graduate level expertise in areas such as marketing research and communications, consumer behaviour and service marketing.