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Rethinking Leadership

Leadership is a hot topic these days. Tune into television or radio or scan the daily newspaper and you will be sure to see, hear or read about leadership or the lack of it in contemporary society. Google leadership and you will find over 500 million entries or visit Amazon.com and you will have about 100,000 books from which to choose. Look for a new job and you will soon learn that today`s employers value leadership and are looking to hire leaders.

Even though recognizing the need for leadership and its development is pervasive, we have yet to come up with a universal definition or theory of leadership. It means different things to different people and according to a leading researcher (Bass, 2008) the search for the one and only true definition is an exercise in futility. This is problematic as it is difficult to develop something that we cannot define. However, in recent years, common themes are emerging that are instructive for people and organizations intent on developing leadership. These common themes will be revealed to you in this webinar and drawing on the latest research in leadership and neuroscience, you will be guided on how to think differently in order to become the leader you are capable of becoming.  

Date: TBA
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.

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  • Clarify your thinking about leadership
  • Challenge common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from leading
  • Identifying core leadership competencies and how to develop them
  • Learn to lead by adopting 3 simple strategies

Presentation Overview

This presentation will cover the following topics:

Introduction of the speaker, learning objectives and session outline.

Defining Leadership
Thinking differently about leadership and how does it differ from management. Understand the interactive leadership model.  

Developing Leadership
Exploring the transition from being an individual contributor to leading others, i.e. how to think, feel and act as a leader.  Taking an inside-out approach to developing key leadership skills.

Wrapping up
An overview of some of the key points to remember when applying some of the learning’s from this webinar.


Robert E. Saggers, PhD, CMC

Robert (Bob) Saggers is an experienced learning and leadership professional who has headed up his own consulting practice since 1989 (www.robertsaggers.com). He has assisted a wide variety of clients in North America and internationally: assess their organizational capability; establish systems to plan, monitor, assess and improve performance; design and facilitate leadership/management competency development programs; and coach managers and in-house facilitators to initiate and lead change and team building efforts.

Bob is a graduate of both Concordia (BA, Psychology) and McGill Universities (MEd, Educational Psychology and PhD, Adult Education, Instructional Psychology). He has been associated with McGill University for the last 25 years and helped develop McGill’s graduate diploma and certificate leadership program introduced in 1995, in which he continues to teach leadership skills development.  He also is an Adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education where he teaches resource management to Masters in Educational Leadership students.  He is a member of McGill’s Human Resources and Leadership Program Committee and works with the University on a joint venture basis to develop/deliver corporate training programs.  He can be reached at: Email: robert [dot] saggers [at] mcgill [dot] ca