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Reaching Unlimited Success

Date: TBA
12pm – 1pm EST
This is a 60 min. interactive presentation

What is different about people who achieve phenomenal success? Is this the result of chance, genes, or something else? This webinar will provide the answers to these questions, as well as the tools required to achieve greater success with any undertaking.

The webinar Reaching Unlimited Success is based on the book written by Andreea Vanacker, Successonality, The  ten secrets to a success focused personality. The objective of this webinar session is to inspire and empower individuals to reach their highest potential and achieve phenomenal success personally and professionally.


This session will provide practical tips to increase your overall success, by embracing proven strategies applied by highly successful individuals around the world. It will also inspire you to take the first steps towards pursuing dreams and goals that may have appeared impossible until now. After this session, everything becomes possible.


Andreea Vanacker is the founder and CEO of Successonality Inc., a firm dedicated to providing corporations experiential learning programs and tools that improve performance, innovation, teamwork and employee engagement. Her book, Successonality, The Ten Secrets To A Success-Focused Personality, and her leading edge programs have been embraced by Fortune 500 companies and international organizations in sectors ranging from the beauty to the medical industry.Prior to founding her firm, she was a corporate executive managing multi-million dollar portfolios of hundreds of products and services in the aviation industry.  Her experience at an international level spans across the technology, telecommunications and consumer goods industries. Andreea holds a Business Degree in Finance and International Business, and Doctorate degree in Economics.


David Horowitz
Lecturer, Entrepreneurship/International Business/Strategic Management
McGill School of Continuing Studies
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