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Certificate of Proficiency in Written French – Workplace Communication (Online)

An advanced level online course (CFRN 415 French Writing Techniques for the Workplace) will exceptionally be offered this summer from July 6 to August 28. If you are interested in taking this course, and if you think you have the required level, please click here to register for the Placement Test.

Please note that only this online writing course will be offered this summer. The complete program will be offered this fall.

Most second language learners are able to reach an adequate level of fluency in oral communication. Mastery of written communication, however, demands more time and effort. This imbalance between speaking and writing a second language is often a problem for people actively seeking to advance in their careers.

In order to help these people acquire the proficiency and confidence needed to accomplish a variety of professional tasks in written French, the Department of Language and Intercultural Communication is offering an online program designed for effective written communication in the workplace: the Certificate of Proficiency in Written French – Workplace Communication.

Session dates

Spring/Summer 2015: April 13 - June 19
Fall 2015: September 28 - December 4
Winter 2016: January 18 - March 25


$350 CAD per course

$35 CAD for the Placement Test of Written French

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