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Program Description

Program Objectives

The non credit Certificate of Proficiency in Written English – Workplace Communication is designed to offer an intense training in written English as a Second/Foreign Language, from the mid-intermediate to the advanced level. For each level, the program includes specific language objectives, various forms of writing commonly used in the workplace and strategies for effective written communication. It is designed for the acquisition of the linguistic, communicative and pragmatic competency needed in workplace contexts, and comprises a personalized pedagogical follow-up adapted to students’ needs.

Program Format / Program Overview / Program Structure and Course Description / Registration Procedures / Cancellation Policy

Program Format

Length of session for each course

10 weeks

Sessions per year

3 (fall, winter, spring/summer)

Hours per course


Hours of course work per week

4 – 5

Program Overview

  • 100% online courses
  • Six courses, three levels (mid-intermediate, high-intermediate, advanced)
  • Flexible schedule within a structured framework
  • Personalized pedagogical support from an online tutor
  • Varied activities for varied learning styles (individual, communicative, collaborative work)
  • All course material and learning resources available online; no textbooks required
  • Program leading, under certain conditions, to the Certificate of Proficiency in Written English – Workplace Communication
  • Eight Continuing Education Units (CEU) per course
  • Placement test before registration

Program Structure




YCGL 215   English Grammar at Work

YCGL 216   English Grammar and Writing in Context 1


YCGL 315   English Grammar and Writing in Context 2

YCGL 316   English Vocabulary for the Workplace


YCGL 415   English Writing Techniques for the Workplace

YCGL 416   English Written Communication Strategies for the Workplace

Registration Procedures

  1. Approximately one week after the end of a testing period, students who have taken the Placement Test of Written English receive an email giving them their results and the registration procedures for online courses. 
    Students whose results indicate a level lower than mid-intermediate are encouraged to consult an academic advisor.
  2. In the week before the start of the session, students receive an email with the information they need to start their online course.

Cancellation Policy

  • Before the beginning of the session: Full refund – Course deleted from transcript
  • Day 1 to day 12: Refund less $20 – Course deleted from transcript
  • Day 13 to day 33: No refund – Grade W (Withdrawal)
  • As of day 34: No refund – Grade J (Fail)

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