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Customized ESL/FSL Language Training

McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies and the department of Language and Intercultural Communication offers customized English (ESL) and French (FSL) language training to local and international groups.

We tailor-make our programs to meet the specific linguistic and communicative needs of:

  • Corporations, government agencies, organizations, institutions
    Elementary and high school teachers, college and university professors who have to teach in English or French
  • Other professionals working in English or French
  • High school graduates and/or university students

Why choose McGill's Customized English/French Language Training Programs?

  • Highly-focused programs tailor-made to address specific learner needs, and offered at any time throughout the year.
  • Unique, results-oriented approach which integrates personal experience for meaningful learning and develops practical skills in language and communication.
  • Experienced lecturers particularly sensitive to students’ needs and communication goals.
  • Relaxed yet demanding learning environment which is both innovative and motivating.
  • High quality university-level programs culminating in an official McGill Attestation.


1. Specialized ESL/FSL for Professional Development

This course provides customized language training for professionals who work, or intend to work, in English or French. It permits learners to develop and put into practice techniques necessary for efficient oral and written communication in a variety of professional situations. It covers four skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. It comprises the following components:

  • Linguistic and Communicative component;
  • English/French for Professional Purposes;
  • Socio-cultural Pedagogical component;
  • Practicum component;
  • Online component;
  • Pronunciation Clinic;
  • Independent Study.
  • Full-day excursion.
125 hours (Four-week format *)

2. Oral Skills Development Workshops
This course focuses on the development of speaking skills in one’s work context. It is comprised of
  • Linguistic and communicative components;
  • English/French for Professional Purposes;
  • Pronunciation clinic;
  • Listening comprehension module;
  • Online Component.
48 hours (twelve week format*)

3. Intensive English/Short Course
This course develops all four language skills and comprises

  • Linguistic and communicative components;
  • Native speaker and international student exchanges;
  • Inter-generational guest speaker exchanges;
  • Pronunciation clinic;
  • Online Component;
  • Full-day excursion.
125 Hours (four or five week format)

4. Intensive French/Short Course
This course develops all four language skills and comprises

  • Linguistic, communicative and socio-cultural components;
  • Native speaker exchanges;
  • Pronunciation clinic;
  • Multimedia laboratory - Online Component;
  • Cultural activities;
  • Full-day excursion.
80 Hours (four week format)


This program is open to students arriving as a group. It is not open to individual applicants.

  • Students in each group should be at the same level of proficiency: basic/elementary OR intermediate OR advanced;
  • Students should be at least 18 years old;
  • Students should have completed a secondary level of education, or the equivalent.


Tuition and other fees are calculated per group and are based on a minimum number of students. For an estimate and for more information, please contact the program coordinator.


  • We can arrange accommodations with one of the University residences. Residences are available to students during the summer session only.
  • We can direct you to Minerva Homestay, an organization that places students in the home of an English or French-speaking family (http://www.minervahomestay.com). This arrangement provides an ideal opportunity to speak English or French in a domestic setting.
  • Off-Campus Housing offers information on lodging close to the campus (http://www.mcgill.ca/students/housing/offcampus).

For more information:

Ms. Effie Dracopoulos
effie [dot] dracopoulos [at] mcgill [dot] ca