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Medical English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for Nurses

Gain the advanced language skills nurses need to work with patients and their families in English.


If you are a nursing student, a nurse or other healthcare professional who may work in English, this dynamic program is designed for you. It is intended for nurses and nursing students who wish to develop the language and intercultural communication skills necessary for dealing with patients and their families in English. It focuses on developing speaking and listening skills leading to increased communication competence and confidence in a variety of nurse-patient interactions. 

It features:

  • English for Professional Purposes classes designed specifically for the healthcare field
  • Workshops and Seminars with McGill faculty and practicing nurses
  • Opportunities to “shadow” nurses at local hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Cultural activities and day trips


The program will enable you to:

  • Polish your professional communication skills in English
  • Develop your intercultural communication skills
  • Learn about Canadian nursing best practices
  • Observe nurses in action at the workplace
  • Network and exchange with McGill students and faculty


The program consists of three modules that promote task-based, discovery and experiential-based learning opportunities:

 Module 1: Specialized Language

Emphasis is placed on reinforcing the essential language needed to provide primary care in common patient-nurse situations such as in Midwifery / Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Triage Assessment, Surgery, Oncology, Trauma, Emergency and Intensive / Critical Care to name a few.  

Module 2: Field Specific Workshops

This module comprises several workshops by McGill nursing professors and/or practicing nurses. Emphasis is placed on:

the McGill Model of Nursing
Nursing Practice in Quebec/Canada
An Overview and Trends of the North American Healthcare System

Module 3: Healthcare Facility Site Visits

Students will visit hospitals and other healthcare facilities to see first hand how nursing is practiced in Quebec.  They will have the opportunity to ask questions to healthcare professionals on staff as well as to “shadow” nurses while they are making their rounds and providing healthcare to patients.


  • Arrival: Tuesday, March 13
  • Departure: Tuesday, March 27, 2018


$3,150 CAD


The fees include:

  • Registration,
  • instruction,
  • Blue Cross Insurance (mandatory),
  • homestay with two meals per day,
  • airport shuttle,
  • out-of-town excursion to Ottawa.

Registration Information

Please complete the Application Form, scan the form and your passport, and email the documents to languageprograms.scs [at] We will contact you concerning payment procedures after your application is accepted.

For information

If you are inquiring on behalf of your educational institution, please contact
Ms. Effie Dracopoulos
Associate Director, Language & Intercultural Communication
effie.dracopoulos [at]

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