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Graduate Programs

Diploma in Internet Business Technology

Today, potential employers are looking for people who have a well rounded business education, knowledge of programming, databases, networks, telecommunications, the Internet and the Web as well as a good understanding of consumer behaviour. Our Internet business program will help you prepare for and meet these expectations. By completing our program, you will gain an understanding on the foundations of Internet business, and you will be able to contribute to the planning and design of web-based systems and initiatives. You will make an excellent candidate for companies looking for knowledgeable expertise who will ensure that their investments in Internet business work towards meeting business objectives.


Diploma in Management: Internet Business Concentration

This program will provide students with the opportunity to develop Internet Business knowledge and skills. It will equip students with tools to deal with the revolution in business that is being generated by the Internet and to adapt to a new and rapidly changing market.

Internet Business is no longer the sole responsibility of specialists and consultants. Internet- and web-based technologies are now an integral part of an organization's internal and external operations. Managers at all levels and in all departments need to understand the fundamentals of Internet business, so that they can so that they can ensure that their investments in new technologies support business objectives and provide a positive return on investment.


Graduate Certificate in Internet Business

Students must have completed a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, a Bachelor of Software Engineering degree, or a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree. This program is designed to provide you with the specialized knowledge you need for today's changing business world.

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