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Innovative Staffing Practices

Effective staffing practices imply the use of evaluation methods that have a high level of predictive validity, which is a measure of the relationship between success during candidate evaluation and success in the job.

While interviews have repeatedly been found to have a low level of predictive validity, it remains the most commonly used method to evaluate candidates’ competencies. This workshop introduces methods of evaluation that are associated with a higher level of predictive validity and tips on how to prepare and administer them, with a focus on increased effectiveness of staffing practices.

Date: March 27, 2015
Time: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Location: 688 Sherbrooke West
Fee: $545 CAD plus applicable taxes


Participants learn how to develop valid and reliable technical tests, work samples and job simulations, and how to use them to evaluate candidates’ competencies. Topics include: validity, reliability and predictive validity; technical tests, work samples and job simulations; techniques to develop effective and efficient evaluation processes and tools; measurement and scoring; communicating with and preparing candidates; preparing  evaluators for each presented method.

Topics covered

  • Advantages and challenges of using technical tests, work samples and simulations;
  • Techniques to develop valid, reliable, effective and efficient evaluation processes and tools;
  • Measurement and scoring;
  • Preparing candidates and evaluators.


At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Develop effective, valid, reliable and efficient methods and tools to assess candidates’ competencies/KSAs;
  • Implement effective processes to evaluate candidates’ competencies;
  • Develop and implement tools to measure and score competencies through technical tests, work samples and job simulations;
  • Prepare candidates and evaluators when using technical tests, work samples and job simulations.


Ann Brosseau

Ann Brosseau, M.A., PhD(c)

With an educational background in the fields of psychology, sociology, adult education and human resource management and 20 years of experience in training and education, Ms. Brosseau specializes in helping learners develop useful and relevant interpersonal, leadership and human resource management skills required to excel in the workplace - as employees, team members, managers or human resource professionals. Building on the experience of learners, she favours an experiential, hands-on approach to learning.

As a human resources management consultant, Ann has been actively involved with numerous clients from different industries to develop competency-based candidate evaluation tools and processes, using assessment methods with high levels of predictive validity. She has also been teaching staffing to HR practitioners and university students for a number of years. Ann will be publishing her book “Innovative Staffing in Canada – Beyond Common Sense and Intuition” in August 2013.

Cancellation Policy

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No Refunds are issued if your cancellation request is received within 7 days of the start date of the workshop, however suitable participation substitution will be permitted.
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