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Small Is Beautiful or How To Prosper In A Slow Growth World

In 1973, E.F. Schumacher wrote Small is Beautiful - required reading for anyone interested in a sustainable approach to economic wellbeing.

Long before slower growth and reduced footprint became the new normal of the 21st century, Schumacher made the case for closed production loops and wise resource use.  It was economics as if people and the planet matter.

Running a successful small business in todays’ slow growth world is all about incorporating Schumacher’s principles into concrete, sound business practices. 

Speaking in her trademark authentic and candid manner, Andrea Courey takes us on an inspiring journey of a truly self made entrepreneur whose success embraces the ‘small is beautiful’ philosophy. 

Date: November 21, 2012
Time: 12pm – 1pm
This is a 60-minute, interactive presentation.

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  • Discover the strengths of the bootstrapping model
  • Learn how to prosper in a ‘slow to no’ growth economy
  • Learn the essential strategic points of ‘small is beautiful’
  • Add  simple, effective tools to your toolbox
  • Get inspired  to create your own success story

Presentation Overview

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Life cycle of an entrepreneur
  • The strengths and risks of manufacturing
  • Importance of the value added philosophy
  • Evolution of a slow growth company
  • Creating your success one thought at a time
  • Smallness of debt not smallness of success


 Andrea Courey 

In 1997, Andrea Courey found herself without a job or child support and three young children to care for.  She began selling her homemade granola inspired by her grandmother Emily’s granola recipe.

Today, Grandma Emily is an innovative leader in the healthy cereal and snack industry, selling their organic and natural cereals, bars and snacks to food service and retail clients across the country.

  • Winner in 2007 of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Named McGill University Dobson Fellow in 2009
  • Writer, lecturer, coach, facilitator
  • Guest lecturer at McGill University, HEC, École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce