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Bachelor of Education for Certified Teachers (FNIE)

The Faculty of Education offers a 90-credit program for teachers who are already certified to teach in elementary schools and who wish to upgrade to first degree status. Normally, a minimum of 60 credits must be taken in the program and no more than 30 credits may be transferred from other institutions. Credit may be transferred from programs leading to the Certificates in Educational Technology, Moral and Religious Education, Second Language Teaching, Inclusive Education, Teaching of the Arts, or Aboriginal Literacy taken concurrently. Credit may also be transferred from the Certificate in Education for First Nations and Inuit, which is normally completed before the B.Ed.

Applicants apply on the basis of having completed the Certificate in Education for First Nations and Inuit or equivalent and must have the continued support of their education authority to attend community-based courses. This program does not lead to further certification.

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