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Dialogue Gap and Business Development: The DNA of buying, selling and delivering professional, financial and consulting services.

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Selling, buying, leading, managing, negotiating, resolving, inspiring and winning: they all require dialogue to succeed. The better the dialogue - the better the outcome, the worse the dialogue - the worse the outcome.

Dialogue Gap exists when the quality of the dialogues we have falls short of what we need to overcome our challenges at work, at home and in society.

Dialogue Gap causes bad sales, dismal service, ineffective management, poor value for money, deficient leadership, lack of engagement and a loss of hope in the future.

Despite the fact that our need for dialogue is growing exponentially, people increasingly opt to communicate when they should dialogue. As a result, dialogue skills and the courage needed to lead difficult dialogues are on the endangered list.

Date: TBA
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: 688 Sherbrooke West, Room to be confirmed
Fee: $ 495 CAD


If you need to sell more, service better, procure better value for money, manage projects better, lead change, resolve conflicts or engage people this workshop is what you have been waiting for.

The Dialogue Gap and Business Development Workshop will help you overcome the Dialogue Gap and build your ability to lead priority account dialogues to help you and your organization achieve optimal outcomes. The solution is in the dialogue.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is best suited for professionals who are involved in sales, sourcing, consulting services and commercial negotiations wanting to improve their business development, as well as firms and organizations wanting to improve their value for money when acquiring various services.


At the end of this workshop the participants will be able to apply Appreciative Inquiry principles to:

  • Build on strengths and successes to brainstorm ideas, gather information and identify key success factors
  • Learn to apply the “Dialogue Puzzle” to handle situations arising where you need to increase sales, improve service, and develop better value for money.
  • Conduct an internal challenge map to clarify needs and expectations and prioritize issues.
  • Learn to network and connect with other people effectively by learning about and leveraging relationship threads so you can find non sales and service opportunities to keep in touch.
  • Identify and reduce the impact of Dialogue Gap on your priority accounts by ensuring key personnel know when and how to dialogue effectively
  • Ensure your files are capturing key information for subsequent follow-up by you and other account people thereby overcoming the loss of institutional knowledge when people leave or get transferred to other parts of the organization.
  • Manage time and ensure your process leads to follow-up thereby fulfilling expectations and realizing the value arising from your priority account dialogues.

Topics Covered

  • Dialogue-Challenge Mapping
  • Mapping your network & identifying the gaps
  • Networking exercise – practicing dialogue and relationship threads
  • Sales & Sourcing Exercise – allowing buyers and sellers to find and compare each other
  • Sales & Sourcing Exercise – qualifying leads, fixing problems
  • Service Provider/Recipient Dialogue Exercise – practicing the art of service
  • Service Provider/Recipient Dialogue Exercise – negotiating conflicts


Peter Nixon, BBA, GDPA, CA, FCPA, MSc

Peter Nixon, BBA, GDPA, CA, FCPA, MSc the author of Dialogue Gap and Negotiation - Mastering Business in Asia, has helped thousands of service professionals in over 50 countries improve their sales, sourcing and service to transform their careers and organizations.

Peter qualified as a Chartered Accountant in Montreal in 1988 before moving to Geneva and then Hong Kong where he launched his consulting practice in 1994. Since that time he has travelled extensively and worked with a variety of organizations, cultures and executives.

Peter has researched dialogue in dozens of cultures and assembled practical tools, methodologies and workshops to enable and inspire. Simply put Peter helps the right people discuss the right issues in the right way and at the right time and space.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation & substitution requests must be made in writing. The following Cancellation Policy applies:

Up to 14 days prior to the start date: Full refund
7 days prior to the start date: Refund minus $100 Cancellation fee
Within 7 days of the start date: No Refund, however suitable participation substitution will be permitted

If no notice is given prior to the start of the event(s) and you fail to attend, you will be liable for the full course fee.

McGill SCS reserves the right to cancel an event up to 5 days prior to its start.

Contact Information

Telephone: 514-398-5454
E-mail: pd [dot] conted [at] mcgill [dot] ca