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Graduate Programs

Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management

The Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management is an intensive graduate level 30-credit program for candidates who hold an undergraduate degree in any discipline, and are seeking academic knowledge in aviation management.  The program content will be multi-disciplinary and will focus on aviation management from business, economic, financial, legal, managerial, operational, planning, and policy perspectives on the national and international levels. It will provide the candidates with core theoretical and applied knowledge required to become effective and efficient leaders in an array of aviation–related fields.

Please note that admission to the Diploma in Integrated Aviation Management is limited to the Fall semester. There is no admission to the Winter and Summer semesters. Please contact our advisors to learn how you can register as an independent (special) student in the Winter and Summer semesters.


Global Aviation Leadership Program

The Aviation Leadership program is offered in collaboration between McGill University, School of Continuing Studies and l’École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC). The program focuses on developing leadership competencies for individuals who wish to advance their careers in aviation. The program is designed to provide participants with key insights into innovative leadership practices, diverse workplace leadership, effective communication and negotiation, and leverage data analytics for better decision making.

Delivered by McGill University and ENAC faculty the Program uses a learner-centered instructional methodology, fostering a deeper understanding of aviation related concepts and empowering learners to integrate what they have learned about leadership into immediate practice. Courses are also designed to develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Courses incorporate aviation related simulations, experiential activities, case studies, and guest speakers who are industry leaders with expertise in airlines, airports, air navigations, aerospace manufacturing and others.

 The program is currently open for admissions. 

Please note that the tuition fee is $3600 per course (other fees also apply).


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