Arts and Culture


Introduction aux arts numériques - En collaboration avec la Société des arts technologiques

Date: November 6 to December 4, 2017
(This course is conducted in French)

Explore and experience the digital arts! Virtual reality, interactive installations and dome immersive projections are just some of the examples of today’s digital media. Experience it for yourself and learn about its origins and roles in all forms of art!

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Leonard Cohen: In Words and Music

Date: October 16 to November 20, 2017 (full)

An examination of Leonard Cohen's phenomenal work and personal journey: from young McGill poet to acclaimed singer, composer, and songwriter.

We plan to offer the course again in winter 2018 (dates TBA).

Send us an email at prizma.scs [at] and we'll let you know as soon as registration is open.

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Navigating a Lifetime of Change

Date: November 1 to 29, 2017

Time for a change? Discover, explore, and chart a strategy for successfully managing important shifts in your life. A great group coaching experience led by Professional Certified Coach, Michael Cullen.

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The Practical Guide to Financial Planning

Date: February 6 to March 6, 2018

How can you gain more control of your finances? Debbie Leahy, Investment Advisor, provides information on retirement, investments, insurance, and how to make these work for you.

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Other Offerings

Ateliers sur la Santé Mentale (in French)

en collaboration avec le Mouvement Santé mentale Québec

This course is online. You may register at anytime.
(This course is conducted in French)

This series of two webinars is intended for practitioners, individuals, workplaces and communities interested in creating, developing, and strengthening mental health.

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Past Offerings

Beethoven - Passion romantique (in English)

Discover Beethoven as you’ve never known him - the man, his work, and the revolutionary time during which he created his best-loved compositions. Learn about our Beethoven VIP Course and Concerts Package, in collaboration with the Montreal Chamber Music Festival.

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CPAC 101 Topics in Citizenship and Social Engagement (1 credit)

Date: August 9 to 12, 2017
(This course is conducted in French)
(In collaboration with the Institut du Nouveau Monde)

This course encourages a reflection on social change in the socio-political context of Quebec.

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Coûts, mythes, solutions : les visages complexes des inégalités sociales

Date: TBA
(This course is conducted in French)

Economic and Social Inequality are on the rise in developed countries. Quebec, in spite of being one of the most egalitarian societies in North America, has not been spared.  There are multiple causes and these seriously impact prosperity and well-being.  This is a 4-part series of classes on Social Inequality.  Participants may choose to register for the whole series or take an individual class.

The course will be re-scheduled. New dates will be announced as soon as possible. If you wish to be informed when new dates are available please email prizma.scs [at]

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