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Arts and Culture

This programming stream will be appealing to both newcomers and veterans to, and veterans of, the world of arts and culture. These sessions will help you discover or renew your commitment to the arts and culture through such themes as the discovery and beauty of theatre, the primordial significance of music in our lives and the social impact of great novels in history. These workshops are held in collaboration with established artists as well as with cultural centers of importance.

Date and Time


August 13

Sujet spécial en citoyenneté et engagement social
In collaboration with: Institut du nouveau monde

September 12, 13, 20

Quebec Popular Music in Time and Place
Facilitator: Chris Jones

September 26, 27, October 4

La Musique populaire québécoise en temps et lieu
Facilitator: Chris Jones

October 14 – December 2 (Tuesdays)
6:00 - 8:00 pm

From Farm to Table: An Exploration of the Links in the Agri-Food Chain
Facilitator: Hugh Maynard

October 16 – December 4 (Thursdays)
6:00 - 8:00 pm

The Diaspora of Jazz
Facilitator: Andy Williams

October 17, 18, 25

De Van Gogh à Kandinsky: l’expressionnisme en Allemagne et en France, 1900-1914
Facilitator: Anne Grace

November 14, 15, 22

From Van Gogh to Kandinsky: Expressionism in Germany and France, 1900-1914
Facilitator: Anne Grace