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Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting - NEW

The Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting (GCPA Program) at McGill, an accredited Professional Education Program of CPA Canada, prepares students to write the National CPA Common Final Exams (CFE).
Students can choose from two versions of the program at McGill – a part‐time program offered by the School of Continuing Studies or a full‐time program offered by the Desautels Faculty of Management.

The program is intended to allow students to develop professional competencies that will be recognized nationally and internationally. It focuses on the acquisition and integration of in‐depth specialized knowledge the fields in which CPAs are likely to be engaged. More specifically, the objective of the Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting is to develop the analytical skills, diagnostic capabilities and evaluation skills needed for the exercise of professional judgment necessary to solve practical problems related to the practice of public accounting.


Diploma in Accounting

The Diploma in Accounting is a 30 credit program which consists of (2 pre-requisites courses, 2 co-requisite courses,) 8 required courses and 2 complementary courses.  The program provides a broad-based accounting education for university graduates which will help prepare them for admission to the CPA profession as well as for positions as an accountant in the industry.



Graduate Certificate in Accounting Practice

Last admission date to Graduate Certificate in Accounting Practice: Fall 2013.

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting Practice is a 15-credit graduate-level program, which is equivalent to the CGA's Short Graduate Program in Professional Practice (PPP). This program must be completed prior to obtaining the CGA license. It will prepare CGA candidates for the Issues in Professional Practice (PA1) and the Strategic Financial Management (PA2) exams.

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting Practice program will help you to develop a full range of professional qualities and skills that professional accountants need in today’s job market. This program is designed to foster your ability to analyze, integrate and synthesize information in a variety of fields, including professional ethics and integrity, accounting, assurance, finance, management and taxation.



Diploma in Management: Taxation Concentration

Program currently under review. Admissions for the program will no longer be accepted.

 Students who have not previously had significant exposure to taxation will have the opportunity to view tax in the context of general business and view taxation (and tax planning) as only one aspect of the business decision-making process. The student will be taught about taxation as an important factor affecting business and to properly integrate tax factors with business decisions without becoming a tax specialist.


Graduate Certificate in Taxation

Program currently under review. Admissions for the program will no longer be accepted.

 The Graduate Certificate consists of three required three-credit courses and two three-credit elective course. As a person with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, which provides a solid academic background in business, this 15 credit program is designed to provide you with the specialized knowledge you need for today's changing business world in the shortest possible time.

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