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Equipment Loan Service

Audio-visual and computer equipment are available to instructors of the School for loans on a short term basis (24 hours). The sections below present the computer and audio-visual equipment available to CE instructors for short term loans.

Audio-Visual Dolly

For use in classrooms at 688 Sherbrooke only. Each dolly features: a data projector, a DVD player, a speaker and the necessary cables to connect to a laptop.

AV Dolly

To access the room for pick up and return of the dolly, you must have a McGill ID card properly activated on the McGill security system. For details, contact Instructors.conted [at] (Instructor Services) or call 514-398-3958.

Portable Computers

All portable computers (Laptop and Tablet PCs) are configured with Windows XP, Microsoft Office and standard plug-ins for access to myCourses. Camtasia Studio, a screen capture and recording software, is also installed, allowing live recording of your classroom presentations.

Portable Computer

Portable computers automatically connect to the Internet through the McGill wireless network. Tablet PCs allow you to write on the screen with a digital pen.

Cameras (Photo, Web, Video)

Digital Photo Camera

Use this digital photo camera for class activities or to insert photos into your course material. Remember to always use explicit permission from your students before taking class shots.

Photo Camera

Web Camera

A webcam is a real-time camera for use with Chat sessions or web conferencing. These webcams connect to the USB port of the computer.


Flip Video Camera

The Flip Ultra camcorder is the simplest way for instructors and students to capture live scenes in video, edit them and post them on myCourses, YouTube, mySpace or email them. The camcorder records up to one hour of video and easily connects to any computer.

Flip Camera


CD/USB/Cassette Player

This device plays audio files from CDs, cassettes, a USB memory key or directly from an Olympus digital recorder. Simply insert your memory stick or your digital recorder in the USB port and the player will automatically display the sound files on the screen, allowing you to select which files you want to play. MP3 and WMA are the two digital formats supported on the USB port.

CD/USB/Cassette Player

Digital Audio Recorder

Use this recorder to prepare audio based class activities, record your students individually or in group discussions. Once recorded, the audio file can then be played back directly on the JVC CD/cassette/USB player or edited with software such as Camtasia or Audacity.

Digital Audio Recorder

Five Star Audio splitter

With this audio splitter, up to 5 students can listen to the same audio file using their own headset without disturbing the rest of the classroom. The device can also be used for simultaneous audio recording of several students.

Audio Splitter

Reservation Procedure

To reserve equipment, click here. Please note that this equipment and facilities are reserved exclusively for teaching related activities. If you need to borrow equipment for more than a day, please contact Instructor Services by instructors.conted [at] (email) or call 514-398-3958.

For instructions or advice on using this equipment, please contact Instructor Services by instructors.conted [at] (email) or at 514-398-3958.

Some audio-visual equipment is also available from the ICS counter located on the second floor of the 688 Sherbooke buidling. You must fill an Audiovisual Loans – Equipment Reservation Request form to borrow equipment from ICS.