Associate Examiner Guidelines

In accordance with University Policy, an Associate Examiner must be indicated for each Final Examination. University Guidelines include the following:

  • The associate examiner shall be reachable for questions during the final examination time slot, should the instructor be unavailable.
  • A teaching assistant may not be named as associate examiner, but may serve as the examination site representative of the instructor

For CPD courses, the eligible categories of Associate Examiners are listed below. The selections are listed in order of most preferred to least preferred:

  • In multi-section courses with a common exam and more than one instructor, the instructors act as each others’ Associate Examiners
  • Course Coordinator
  • An instructor teaching in the same field (You may provide the name of an instructor who is willing and able to serve as Associate Examiner below)
  • Area Coordinator
  • Unit or Program Director (“default choice”)

Use this form if you wish to indicate someone who would be an appropriate associate examiner.