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Capt. Miguel Ramos

Academic Unit

Career and Professional Development


Airline Pilot for 18 years with more than 9000 hours, he started his career in 1982 flying for Mexicana Airlines as first officer in B727. In 1988 he joined LACSA, the Costa Rican national air carrier as Captain of Boeing 737 and thereafter in Airbus A320. From 1987 until 1991 he was the IFALPA director for the Costa Rican Pilots Association. In 1994, he was appointed Flight Safety Manager, developing the safety program for LACSA and in 1996, to the rest of the airlines of Grupo TACA. Capt. Ramos holds a certificate in "Aviation Safety" from the University of Southern California and the "Civil Aviation Management" from the Singapore Aviation Academy.
His participation in the civil aviation regulatory activities started in 1998 when he was appointed as Director General of Civil Aviation in Costa Rica, responsible of restructuring the whole aeronautical authority. During his tenure, Costa Rica passed satisfactory the ICAO's USOAP and FAA's IASA audits. As part of this process, Capt. Ramos was involved in the development of the new Costa Rican regulations, which were adopted later by the rest of the Central American States and also in the creation of the Central American Aviation Safety Agency (ACSA).
From 2001 to 2004 he was appointed as the Representative of Costa Rica to the ICAO Council. In March 2005, he joined the ICAO Secretariat as a Technical Officer assigned to the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Section of the Air Navigation Bureau. Since 2006, Capt. Ramos has conducted more than 60 safety management training courses for States and service providers worldwide and presently, is the training coordinator of the ICAO Aviation Safety Training (AST) Section.