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Kent Crutchfield

“I was at a career crossroads a few years ago. When someone I know heard I was interested in marketing, he suggested I look into McGill’s marketing certificate program [through the School of Continuing Studies]. With a young baby and dreading the thought of going back to school after all these years, I headed off to campus. Much to my surprise, I loved the discussions in class, learning new material, and meeting new people. Thanks McGill and all the great teachers who helped me transition at a later stage in life to my new career in marketing.” - Kent Crutchfield, Certificate in Marketing, 2010

Paul Levesque

“After completing a BSc at Université Laval, I earned the Diploma in Management in 1992 at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies to complement my scientific background with management and marketing skills. I chose McGill for its reputation and because I wanted to study in English. The program [is] very rich, as students have real-life examples to assist in the learning process.” - Mr. Levesque has climbed the corporate ladder from account manager to area president for Pfizer Inc Primary Care (Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada). He credits the School with helping him to develop the soft skills for a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. As a guest speaker at a McGill Young Alumni networking event in May 2012, Mr. Levesque highlighted a trend that is spreading behind job recruiters’ closed doors: hiring for attitude. As an example he cited a capacity to be open to, or an agent of, change and continuous improvement, which is a critical soft skill – especially in environments that are constantly reorganizing.  He stressed that it is a skill that is extremely difficult to teach. From personal experience, Mr. Levesque knows that the strength of such “software” is indicative of a candidate’s likelihood for professional success. - Paul Levesque, Diploma in Management, 1992

Rucsandra Calin

"I loved [the PR program that] I did; I loved my teachers, my colleagues, group work, and the classroom dynamics. We had the latest books, current cases, and instructors that were at the top of their field. My classes weren't just theoretical; we were given real-life situations to solve. My entire experience at McGill was great. The reason why I went there was the school's reputation, and it didn't disappoint.” - Rucsandra Calin, Certificate in Public Relations Management 2002

Catalina Alexandrescu

 “I came to Canada from Romania in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Physics. After working as a bookkeeper in a real estate company, I enrolled in the Accounting program at the School of Continuing Studies. The weekend courses (six hours per week for one and a half years) and the extensive homework involved in achieving the CGA (Chartered General Accountant) are very demanding for people who work during the week and have many responsibilities. My advisor has been instrumental in keeping me on the road to success. She has been my "coach," making sure that I will be successful in reaching my academic goal of becoming a CGA, and for this I am extremely grateful.” - Catalina Alexandrescu, Certificate of Accounting expected 2015

Wael Tannous

Arriving in Montreal from Lebanon at age 32 with a solid education and ten years of experience in hotel management, Wael Tannous joined 45,000 other hopeful immigrants from more than 100 countries in seeking a better life in Canada. However, like many skilled and educated newcomers, Wael faced great difficulty finding employment commensurate with his qualifications, talent, and potential. He decided that the best way to improve his situation would be to pursue a local education. So along with almost 6,000 other newcomers who register annually with McGill’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS), Wael enrolled in a part-time program, taking courses in the evenings – in Wael’s case, a Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management. Wael worked for almost three years as a barista/manager at a downtown coffee shop while completing the requirements for his graduate diploma. Throughout his studies, he took every opportunity for career management and networking workshops available to him, made possible through donor-funded workshops offered by the School. Then in January 2013, after completing his studies, Wael landed a management position at POOLCORP, the world’s largest distributor of swimming pool, irrigation and landscape supplies and leisure products. Wael’s new firm operates in 10 countries at 300 sales sites with over 3,000 employees. Wael is thrilled to finally have a position in his field and will “work hard to prove myself, and work my way up.” - Wael Tannous, Graduate Diploma, Operations Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 2013

Pia Patraccone

With my CEGEP diploma in Computer Programming, I became an accounts receivable clerk at Bell Canada International (BCI). When my two daughters were six years and three months old, my husband left the family, and I became a single mom. Although it was tough working full time and studying for my Certificate in Management Accounting at the Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), it was certainly worth it, and my daughters have seen firsthand what drive and determination can do. During the course of my studies at CCE, I was promoted to Assistant Manager, Corporate Accounting at BCI. I then went on to complete the requirements to become a Certified Management Accountant, which led to an exciting new job. After completing the Strategic Leadership Program, I was promoted to Project Manager in the Strategic Sourcing Department at my new company. I subsequently studied towards a Certified Professional Purchasing designation, which I received in September 2008. I am currently National Sourcing Manager for Corporate Programs.” - Pia Patraccone, Cert. Management 2002