Ressources et Publications

Sandra Frisby, Christie Huff, Alex Megelas, Astri Thorvik
Expanding the Concept of Lifelong Learning Beyond the Campus: The Experience of the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning within the Wider Quebec Community
CAUCE, Montreal, QC, juin 2013 

Bernard Shapiro, Principal, Vice-Chancellor Emeritus; Professor of Education, McGill University
Continuing Education – Multiple Pasts and Dazzling Futures

Luncheon Address for MCLL conference held at McGill University, août 2014

McGill Community for Lifelong Learning
Celebrating Lifelong Learning: Seniors Programs Exchange Experiences and Plan for the Next Generation
Program for MCLL conference held at McGill University, août 2014.

Carolynn Rafman
Reaching Out and Engaging Community: MILR in Action
CAUCE, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, juin 2010.

Fumiko Ikawa-Smith
Peer Design and Peer Learning: Lifelong Education Program at McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement
International Workshop, The Thoughts of Wellbeing and the Co-working of Citizens: Alternative Care Practices in Canada and Denmark National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan, février 2009.

Nancy Grayson, Carolynn Rafman
SPEAK: Seniors Practice English and Know-How: A MILR Inter-generational Initiative
Meeting of the Minds: New England Lifelong Learning Institutes Conference, Portland, ME, octobre 2004.

Carolynn Rafman
A Review of the MILR Planning Process
TALIS 14, Later Life Learning: International Themes and Perspectives, Coventry, U.K., octobre 2003

Carolynn Rafman
Sharing Knowledge, Research and Resources: A Comparison of International Networks for Third Age Learning
International Symposium on University Programmes for Seniors, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, mai 2003.

Carolynn Rafman, Meribah Aikens
Learning in Retirement at McGill University: A History
Third Age Learning International Studies Seminar, TALIS 13, Wuhan University for the Third Age, Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China, octobre 2002.

Fiona Clark, Anita Fochs Heller, Carolynn Rafman, Joan Walker
Peer Learning: A Popular Model for Seniors Education
Educational Gerontology Journal 23:751-762, 1997.

Fiona Clark, Carolynn Rafman, Joan Walker
Peer Learning: Why it is Successful and How it Helps to Make Education Accessible 
version fran
çais: L’apprentissage mutual: à quoi tient son succès et comment il facilite l’accès à l’éducation
TALIS Conference Publication, Regina, SK, juillet 1996.

Charles Lusthaus, Robert Browne, Fiona Clark, Anita Fochs Heller
McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement: Guidebook for Self-Assessment
version français: Guide d’auto-évaluation de l’Institut d’études à la retraite Université McGill.

Fiona Clark, Anita Fochs Heller, Marianne Barry-Gaboury
Peer Learning in Retirement: Collaboration with Seniors in the Community leads to the McGill Institute
CAUCE, Montréal, QC, juin 1990.