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Study Skills & Career Management Workshops

The School of Continuing Studies offers a series of workshops to help you along in your career path.

One set of workshops focuses on study skills that will help new students get reacquainted with academic life, and to ensure that the new students will have the necessary skills to advance in their careers.

The other set of workshops focuses more on the career journey. These workshops aim to help determine what may be the best career for you, as well as to prepare you with the practical knowledge needed for your job search, such as resume preparation and career networking skills.


   This workshop has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from the State Street Foundation, whose funding focus is “back to work programs that enhance education and employment opportunities”.

In providing these workshops to our students, McGill’s School of Continuing Studies is launching an enhanced service to learners as they transition into the job market, start a new career and/or integrate into Canada. We are optimistic that with the mentoring and skills provided through these workshops, our students will be better prepared for achieving their life ambitions and making meaningful contributions to our community.