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Registration and Fees


Register for your courses online using Minerva. It’s quick, simple and secure.

We encourage you to register for your courses as early as possible. Please refer to the PDF icon Winter 2018 Important Dates Supplement for registration deadlines and avoid paying a late registration fee. 

IMPORTANT: The registration process requires that you submit specific legal documents that may differ from those you submitted for your application. To register for courses, you will need to have submitted all required legal documents to Client Services. For more information, see Legal Documents.

Registration Made Easy

  1. New students in a program should review the Study Plan they have received from the School or consult their program’s webpage for program and course information to ensure they register for the course(s) required for their Program of Study. If you are unsure of the courses you need to register for, please call Client Services. They will assist you or determine if you need to consult with an adviser. For more information, see Advising Services.
  2. Select your courses using the Timetable. The Timetable includes the days and times of courses, names of instructors, class locations and additional information.


View the Timetable by logging into Minerva and follow the step-by-step instructions. When you view the Timetable in Minerva, you can see the number of places in a course section and how many of these places are available.

     3.   When selecting your courses, please pay special attention to:

  • Course Restrictions: Some courses have limited enrolment or are restricted to students in a particular program.
  • Prerequisite and Corequisite Courses: These must be completed prior to registering for a course. If you are waiting for the final grade of a prerequisite course, you should register under the assumption that you have passed. However, if you discover that you have failed the prerequisite course, you must drop the follow-up course.
  • Course Section: Note the day and time at which each course is given and make sure you avoid registering for courses that conflict.

Course Change and Withdrawal

Please ensure that you officially drop or withdraw from a course that you are unable to complete. You can do this online via Minerva. Simply not attending your course does not constitute a course withdrawal.
Some courses may be filled before your registration date because returning students have registration priority. However, places in many courses open up during the course change period.
See the PDF icon Important Dates supplement for late registration, course change and withdrawal dates.
For further information on registration, course changes and withdrawals, please see Registration.

Pay Your Tuition

Tuition rates are based on whether you are a Quebec student, a Canadian student from another province or territory, or an international student.
For complete information about paying your tuition fees, see Fees.

Current tuition rates can be found in the official CONTINUING STUDIES FEE SCHEDULE, available on the Student Accounts website.

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