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A Day at the Museums: will it make you happier?

Presenter: Mimi Caouette
Ten reasons why we should go to museums in 2015! There is no doubt that a primary role of museums is to have a collection and educate the community.

Antonin Dvorak: Old World and New World Composer

Presenter: Sherry Steinberg
Dvorak’s composition style is the fullest recreation of a national idiom with that of the symphonic tradition.

What is the Granny Cloud?

Presenter: Sandra Frisby
The presenter will share her experiences as a “granny” in the School in the Cloud, explaining the importance of self-directed learning, her role in it, and the ultimate goal of this new learning

Collage Tales: Mandalas and Drum Journeys

Presenter: Ilona Martonfi
For writers, artists, storytellers and other creative leaders.

Congo’s Conflict Coltan...

Presenter: Kuai-Yu (Paul) Leong
Coltan is a key mineral used in cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices.
It is also a source of conflict for Congo (DRC).

‘Bird Hospital’ Visit and Picnic/Swim

Event coordinator: Catherine Main-Oster, catherinemainoster [at] gmail [dot] com
A guided visit through the famous Le Nichoir Wild Bird Rehabil

Morning Delight with the Classics

Presenter: Morty Ellis
A DVD presentation of the works of Mozart, Schubert and Chopin featuring Anne-Sophie Mutter, the Beaux Arts Trio and Arthur Rubinstein in a program of two piano trios and a piano concerto.

Global Terrorism

Presenter: Mireille Coulourides
This lecture will focus on latest developments in relation to this multifaceted phenomenon.

Ute Lemper at Festival de Lanaudière

Event coordinator: Chantal Tittley, ctittley [at] videotron [dot] ca
A magical journey to the cabarets of Berlin, the cafés of Paris and the tan