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The Montreal Gazette: MCLL offers lifelong learning options

Readers who enjoyed Donna Nebenzahl’s [Montreal Gazette] article “Finding happiness in retirement” (July 18, 2015) will be interested to hear that we have a marvellous opportunity for easily accessible lifelong learning at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL), on the corner of Sherbrooke and University Sts.

Published: 21Jul2015

The Next Page: Andrea Emrick: Online and en français

Andrea Emrick was part of the very first cohort to receive the Certificate of Proficiency in Written French – Workplace Communication (Online).

“I was looking to work in a French environment, and I think I could do that now. For anyone that would be hesitant or skeptical of taking an online course, this is it.”

Published: 15Jul2015

The Next Page: Richard Pagé: Updating his Professional Profile

Richard Pagé managed to stand out among his fellow alumni graduating from McGill’s School of Continuing Studies with the class of 2015. How did he do it? By posting the following update on LinkedIn: “Today is the day that I obtain my Graduate Certificate in Marketing from McGill University School of Continuing Studies.”

Read more on The Next Page, the School of Continuing Studies' newsletter.

Published: 15Jul2015

The Next Page: Special Delivery for Mayor Denis Coderre

The McGill University School of Continuing Studies’ Translation and Written Communication unit has made a special delivery to the city of Montreal and Mayor Denis Coderre; the Hebrew version of the Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. It is the sixth translation provided by McGill.

Read more on The Next Page, the School of Continuing Studies' newsletter.

Published: 9Jul2015

Biennial Member Workshop

Location: Le Nouvel Hôtel, 1740 René-Lévesque Blvd.

Advanced Style – Age is Just a Number!

Presenter: Ann Pearson
Ari Seth Cohen photographed seven New York women aged from 62 to 95 who flaunt their eclectic sense of style, of life and humour.

A Visit to the BC Coastal Islands, Including Haïda Gwaii

Presenter: Paul Terni
The presenter is going to Haida Gwaii in June, and the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island in early July. The scenery is beautiful, and the cultural experience in Haïda Gwaii will be exceptional.

Wintering on Costa del Sol, Spain, a Visual Overview

Presenter: Gordon Campey
A visual overview of a select number of towns on Costa del Sol, Spain. How to avoid the winter blues of Canada in February. Many images and suggestions for places to stay.

Mount Royal Cemetery Historical Visit #2: Art, Landscape and Artists

Event coordinator: Denise Lord, cjblord [at] hotmail [dot] com
This activity, guided by a trained volunteer, is the second of the series.