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Career and Professional Development - Credit

CACC 520 Accounting for Management
CACC 521 Concepts of Financial Accounting
CCAU 511/ACCT 475 Auditing 1/Principles of Auditing
CCFC 511/ACCT 351 Financial Accounting 1/Introduction to Financial Accounting
CCFC 512/ACCT 352 Financial Accounting 2/Intermediate Financial Accounting
CCFC 513/ACCT 453 Advanced Financial Accounting
CCLW 511/BUSA 364 Law 1/Business Law 1
CCMA 511/ACCT 361 Managerial Accounting 1/Management Accounting
CCTX 511/ACCT 385 Taxation 1/Principles of Taxation
CEC2 532/ Business Economics
CFIN 501/CFIN 200 Retirement, Estate and Tax Planning/Retirement Planning
CFIN 512 Corporate Finance
CFIN 522/ FINA 342 Applied Topics in Corporate Finance/Finance 2
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques
CGMG 282 Introduction to Business
CIAM 523 Air Navigation Services Management
CIAM 525 Airport Management
CMIS 541 Information Systems for Managers
CMR2 542 Marketing Principles and Applications
CMR2 566/ CMRK 325 Global Marketing Management/ Global Marketing
CMR2 570/ CMRK 430 Stategic Marketing Planning/ Marketing Applications
CMRK 200/ MGCR 352 Fundamentals of Marketing/ Marketing Management 1
CMS2 500 Mathematics for Management
CMS2 521 Applied Management Statistics
CORG 551 - 781 Behaviours in Organizations
CORG 555 Strategic Human Resources Management
CPL2 510 Communication Networking Skills
CPRL 221 Professional Communication and Networking
CPRL 515/CPRL 220 Fund-raising and Philanthropy/ Fun of Fund-raising
CPRL 540/CPRL 322 Communication Planning/ Cases in Public Relations
MGCR 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting
MGCR 222 Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
MGCR 331 Information Systems
MGCR 382 International Business
MGCR 423 Strategic Management
ORGB 420-751 Managing Organizational Teams

Career and Professional Development - Non-Credit

Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies

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Language and Intercultural Communication Part-Time Programs (LIC-PTP)

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Language and Intercultural Communication Intensive Programs (LIC-IELC-IFLC)

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McGill Writing Centre

Translation and Written Communication

PACE (Personal and Cultural Enrichment)

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