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Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies

McGill faculties and schools do a phenomenal job in their respective domains, regularly winning prestigious awards and attaining the highest rankings on Canadian and international lists. The newly formed Faculty Partnerships and Summer Studies unit creates synergies between the School of Continuing Studies and McGill’s academic units in order to deliver McGill’s renowned expertise to new university and external audiences.

In these dynamic projects, Faculty Partnerships will provide the program or course coordination, registration and logistical support while the school or faculty provides the subject-matter and teaching expertise. These offerings include many continuing education and enrichment programs for a wide range of professions and professional orders in the Montreal area and beyond.

This unit also organizes the development, coordination and administration of Summer Studies courses, offered from May to August. Based on sound educational and business planning, these courses deliver high-quality learning opportunities for local, out-of-province and international students and professionals.

Credit Courses

Religious Studies

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