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Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) is the professional body determining standards, sponsoring education programs and controlling the professional designations for the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) and the RIMS Fellow. To be eligible for the CRM designation, candidates must successfully complete the three risk management (Risk Management, Risk Control and Risk Financing) courses.

To be eligible for the RIMS Fellow designation, candidates must complete four university-level courses, Accounting and Finance are required and the two courses selected from business, economics, MIS, law, insurance, marketing or management, twelve days of RIMS Fellow workshop, as well as completing the three risk management courses.

For further information please contact:

The Global Risk Management Institute, Inc.
1065 Avenue of the Americas, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212) 655-6221
Fax: (212) 655-6042
E-mail: fjordan [at]

Our Finance programs may be of interest to students who are interested in this association.