The Association of Administrative Assistants is a Canadian chartered non-profit professional organization with a three-fold purpose: to establish a national standard of qualifications for administrative assistants to senior personnel; to reach this standard by providing advanced education; and to make management aware of the fully qualified administrative assistant.

Its mission is to assist members in the continuing development of administrative skill, underlying knowledge and professional growth, thus enhancing employment opportunities and contributions to both the workplace and the community.

The Qualified Administrative Assistant Program provides a solid background in general business education. An applicant wishing to register as a student must be a member of the Association of Administrative Assistants before they can apply to become a Q.A.A. Program student. Q.A.A. designation holders must remain members in good standing of the Association of Administrative Assistants to retain the designation of Qualified Administrative Assistant.

The program consists of three compulsory courses and four elective courses offered at 18 post secondary institutions across Canada and must be successfully completed within six years to qualify for the Q.A.A. Certificate and designation. Students must successfully complete the seven course program with an overall grade point average of 60%.

To obtain important information on program requirements, please visit website at or contact the National Director Registrar by Email: registrar [at]

The following program may be of interest to students who are interested in this association: