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McTavish Reservoir project

The McTavish reservoir, constructed in the 1940s, indirectly supplies water to over 500,000 people.

The City of Montreal has begun a major project to replace the waterproof membrane covering the McTavish reservoir. The reservoir is located in the area bounded by McTavish St., Pine and Dr. Penfield.

The work includes removal of the soil over the reservoir, installation of a new waterproof membrane as well as a leak detection system and a new water drainage system. The area will then be backfilled. Work at the site will take place Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. This portion of the project is scheduled for completion in December 2014.

The following summer (2015), artificial turf will be installed as part of the borough of Ville Marie's redevelopment plan for the playing field.

Throughout the duration of this project (2014-2015), and untl the landscaping of the new park is complete, the park will be closed to the public. Pedestrians are advised to used the sidewalks on Pine and Dr. Penfield to circulate in this area.

The City informs us that traffic circulation will be unaffected by this project, but with 1500 trucks removing top soil and 800 trucks replacing the backfill, some disruptions may be inevitable. A traffic controller will be posted at the worksite. Some parking restrictions will be in force in neighbouring streets, but access to nearby buildings will be maintained at all times. No water shut-offs are expected while the work is being carried out.

For further information:

  • Info-travaux hotline:514 872-3777, 8 :30 a.m. – 4:30 p. m., Monday - Friday
  • Ville de Montreal website: www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/chantiers