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2014 Examinations

Application deadline : March 22, 2014



Exam Schedules

This year scheduling details for the examinations will be sent by e-mail.  Please make sure you are checking the e-mail address you provided during online registration.

Batch A - non-piano exam candidates

Batch B

Batch C - Theory candidates

Batch D - Theory candidates

Batch E - Ear Training candidates

Batch F - Ear Training candidates

Batch G - Exam candidates

Batch H - Exam candidates

Batch I - Exam candidates

Last updated: June 1, 2014

More examination dates will be posted soon.  Please revisit this page for the most up-to-date examination scheduling information.


IMPORTANT:  Please note that the McGill Conservatory Online Exam Registration System is not fully supported by mobile devices (ex. Tablets or Smart Phones)


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Examination procedures, requirements, policies, fees, and general information:

Exams 2014 Detailed Information

Exams 2014 Fees

Exams 2014 Repertoire List Form

Examination Registration: online registration only. Thank you for your understanding.