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Artemusiki - Arts & Crafts - 5th summer

Drumroll please! Oh yes, Pouliche is at Artemusik camp! This small flying creature is passionate about the art and the stage and will transmit to you her love for life! With her overflowing imagination and creative ideas, she'll have so much with all of you all summer long! But watch out, you shouldn't underestimate her calm nature! Pouliche is full of energy and will encourage you to showcase all your emotions! Hold on to your caps, kids, Pouliche is coming!

Camp Artemusik-ki - Dance - 2nd summer

Cabriole is a little ball of energy and imagination. As a student of contemporary danse at Concordia University, she is has a passion for danse and the arts. She hopes to share this passion with all of you! Cabriole has always kept her child's outlook on life and her contagious joie-de-vivre. Be on the lookout, as she will be part of the Artemusik team this summer and will be taking on new challenges. With an exceptional personality, with multiple talents, her goal this summer si to spread happiness and to put a smile on children's faces.

Camp Artemusik-ki - Choir - 2nd summer

(English version is comming up!) La musique est l’oeuvre d’une vie. Pour Opus, elle a commencée dès l’âge de  7 ans. Initié au piano, puis au chant chorale, il aime raconter comment il a chanté dans plus de mille (1000!!!!) concert au travers de 2 continents, 4 pays et dans plus de 12 langues différentes. Étudiant en interprétation à Mcgill en chant, ses spécialisations sont le chant choral, les opéras, les comédies musicales, et les crêpes. Il enseigne le chant en privé, et dirige diverses chorales étudiantes à travers Montréal. Ne vous laisser cependant pas apeurer par ses allures sérieuses : car pour Opus, rien n’est plus important que de s’amuser, même  en apprenant!


Camp Artemusik- ki - Percussion - 4th summer

Dumbo is a unique creature. With large ears to hear everything, he can not help but discover new music every day. Drummer, pianist and classical singer, this versatile little elephant dreams of playing countless instruments. His love for music is ever-present, but does not prevent him having interest in arts, philosophy and dance. Fascinated by nature, Dumbo loves to share the knowledge and experience (stored in his memory like an elephant!) He is creative and full of ideas and enthousiasm. His elephant ears also make him a great listener! With them, he will try to realize his biggest dream: to fly!


Camp Artemusik-ki - Theater Instructor - 4th summer

Odyssey is the name for a big adventure filled with magic and incredibly awesome events: it is exactly what I wish we will live together this summer at the camp! Odyssey is also the title of one of the first theatre plays ever written: you can guess that I indeed LOVE drama! I am currently studying Drama Education to become a Elementary/High School drama teacher: I found a way to mix my love for the arts and my love for children in one amazing career project! First you have to know that I love theatre just as much as Japanese people love rice: a lot! I also love to write, to play music, to enjoy a good movie, to visit art galleries, to take pictures and to read at least 2 books at a time. I also happen to work part-time an Tour Director for scholars groups visiting cities in North America: it is through that job that I discovered how much I get along with children and teenagers! You will witness yourself this summer that I am indeed a FUN-TASTIC person!


Teacher - Dance - 11th summer

Mercury rising! Look forward to a hot summer. Mercury bubbles with loads of ideas, always ready to create! She is presently studying contemporary dance at UQAM. She dreams of becoming a choreographer and likes playing with the uncommon. According to Mercury, the best creators are children. They are always full of energy, just like her! Adventuress and always ready to discover, Mercury looks forward this summer!


Teacher - Dance - 4th summer

Koala is a dance teacher, but she also taught drama and she loves to sing, paint, run, listen to music, tell bad jokes and eat. She loves to sleep in the morning as much as she enjoys dancing with energy on loud music during the day, if she wants to, of course. Don't be surprised, she does change her hair color once in a while, which is a normal process for her. Koala is a philanthropist, which means that she pretty much love everyone before knowing them. Furthermore, she likes to create with others, finding new ideas, rethink ways to function, and doing all of it, by sharing and collaborating. Take note that her personnal humor might surprise you, but know that it is her inner clown that is just trying to make friend, as klumsy as he is.



Teacher - Drama - 1st summer

Video Camp & Stop Motion - 2nd summer

As her name implies, Aria has a passion for the lyrical arts. She believes that music is an extraordinary way to discover different textures, shades, and colors. Her keen interest in the different aspects of the visual arts brought her into a medium that is able to combine everything : animation! Animation emcompases everything from drawing, to painting, as well as sculpture, casting, and photography. Sound and imagery intertwine together in this domain that she is currently studying at Concordia University. Always on the lookout for new knowledge, Aria transmits her curiosity though her projects in order to develop her art to the fullest. Instructor of safety & rescue in aquatics for many years now, she knows how to guide you throughout this incredible journey. She looks forward to creating great things with young passionate and artistic minds!  


Music Camp - Piano - 1st summer

Farandole likes having fun and taking care of others. She looooves children! She started playing piano when she was 7 and haven’t stopped since then. What she likes the most is to find new musical pieces and share them with her entourage. Her perfect summer would be to spend time in the sun and share her passion with the kids and staff of the camp. Being a student in Music Education, her first summer with us will be a guaranteed success!



Music Camp - Violin - 5st summer

T is for today, A is for amaizing, M is for music, B is for BOOM! and U is for you and me! My name is Tambourine and I love music, theater, cinema, dance, arts and crafts and making people laugh! I'm named Tambourine because I walk to a different rythm and play my own tune, but if you're willing to sing along, I'll be super glad to make a new friend who is just as eager to share and play their own beat out loud! It's always more fun to make sounds and beats with your friends! I look forward to spending the summer with you, and if you ever need help, don't be shy to ask, because just like the tempo in a song, I'll always be there to make you smile!!


Music Camp - Guitar & Ukulele Instructor 

Bubbles is very excited for her second year at Camp! She adores singing and making music and is here this summer to share her passion for music with all of our smiling campers! Bubbles studied clarinet performance as well as music education at McGill University and can always be seen making music or humming a fun tune. She loves to dance, play games and laugh. Just like her name, Bubbles has a very 'bubbly' personality, so don't be shy to say hello!


Music Camp - Violin - 3th summer

Gecko's Description is on it's way!


Cinema Camp Instructor - 2nd summer

Do not be fooled! Yéti is far from being a scary beast coming from the north pole! He is a young motivated filmmaker that will draw you into the fascinating world of cinema! Creative, dynamic, and ready to take on new challenges, Yéti is getting ready to make your summer run at 24 frames per second. 

Puppet Camp Instructor - 4th summer

Once upon a time, there was a colorfull teacher who loved to have fun with kids. One day, her fairy godmother Cactus offered to grant her a wish. She thought a lot and chose to wish for a camp of one of her favorite things... puppets! In this magical camp, she would tell stories, do arts and crafts, create characters and play with all sorts of puppets. She can't wait to meat all of her friends that will come join her for this great week of activiies!


Instructor - Sound Recording - 1st summer

Sonic has spent time recording and mixing music and sound in recording studios all over Canada (and no, he didn't travel like the hedgehog using super fast running, because plane rides are more comfortable and faster). Recently, he moved back to Montreal to start his Masters Degree in Sound Recording because he strongly feels that there is always more to learn. This summer, he’s looking forward to sharing the recording process and diving into what makes us love our favourite recordings. There will always be more beautiful sounds to create and capture so let's explore some of them together!


Instructor - Drums - 2nd summer

Since his childhood, Racka loved to hit things and make a lot of noise. His mother was afraid he would destroy all of her pots and pans, so his parents decided to buy him a drum. Today, that same boy is wrapping up his master's degree in percussion. As a performer, he plays is several different ensembles in Montréal and throughout the province.  Eldest sibling of 5 in his family, he knows how to take on the role as monitor and peace keeper within the family. Now in his adulthood, Racka continues this leadership role by working with youths, hoping to encourage the next generation of noise makers.»



Choir Instructor - 5th summer

Stéréo for Stéréo Love! Stéréo adores music, rhythm and rhymes! Her passion: mixing different styles and art forms and creating. Stéréo's brain is a strange place where bizarre ideas, uninterrupted melodies and animated characters live together. Seeing a great big gang of kids singing and sharing one emotion bring a tear to her eye. Born in the middle of summer, she has been making music since she was little. Sunshine in her soul, Stéréo loves Camp!!


Mural & Sceno - 3th summer

Pshhhhh ! Too many sparkles for you? But Fanta has energy to spare! Already having sparkled her way through 3 summers at the McGill summer camp, Fanta features new colors every summer : cream soda , orange, or grape, it is up to you! Student of psychology and psychoeducation , she loves working with young people and bombard them with smiles. Without the arts, reading, the sea or music, Fanta would be a flat drink kept out of the fridge for too long. Happy summer !



Shadow - 4th summer

Kanga(roo) is a fun loving marsupial. She is currently finishing her degree in theatre and cultural studies at McGill University. Jumping, adventurous, and full of energy, she can make anyone smile. Kanga takes very good care of her young- she has a pouch where she can scoop them up if they get sleepy- and Kanga is sure that if they bounce around with her all day they certainly will be in need of a nap! Kanga’s love of the arts is what inspired to apply for Artemusik- she loves art more then she loves a good bounce through the outback- and that’s saying a lot!


CKUT Radio Camp  - 1st summer


CKUT Radio Camp  - 1st summer