Workshop Leaders

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Artemusik & Artemusiki Camps

Camp Artemusik-ki - Arts & Craft - 2nd summer

Let's make something! For Ciseaux, fun means making stuff from scratch. Together, we are going to transform campers into brilliant scientists, strong warriors, enchanting fairies or whatever they must be in their end-of-camp performances! As a psychology student of McGill University, Ciseaux looks forward to teaching the little ones how to use their imagination and express themselves through arts and crafts!

Camp Artemusik-ki - Percussion Instructor - 2nd summer

Rebo, much like the blue Ortolan musician in Jabba's palace from whom his name derives, really knows how to put together a great musical ensemble! By the time we are done with our lessons and rehearsals, their rhythmic and percussive abilities would please even Jabba himself. When not playing music, Max Rebo can be found at school pondering about political philosophy or at home admiring his action figure collection! 

Dance Specialist - Artemusik-ki - 6th summer

Kitty was a camper at McGill for two summers of Broadway Camp before training as a PAM, then becoming an SDG, and is now a Danse Specialist here at camp. She loves to dance as she had been a ballerina for over a decade, likes to act as she has taken many drama classes, and enjoys singing as she has been in many musicals such as Grease, playing Cha-Cha, and Annie, playing Mrs. Hannigan. Kitty also likes to draw and paint and has attended many art courses and art camps as a child. She is very excited to transfer this love of the arts to her campers and help them learn, be passionate, and indulge in these fun activities that expand the creative mind!

Choir Specialist - Artemusik & Ki - 2nd summer

Jelly enjoys everything in life, but espescially laughing ! She likes to focus on the good side of things and to make the most of every opportunity ! What’s essential for her is to have as much fun as possible ! Smile, move around, jump, dance, sing ; do what makes you the happiest (that’s what she’s been doing for a while, and she’s doing great) ! WeeeeeHEEEEE ! Let’s go on an adventure together !

Theatre Specialist - Artemusik-ki - 1st summer

Phoenix is a multidisciplinairy artist, comedian and teacher who works and lives in Montreal. Like the fabled creature, she can adapt to every situation and be reborn from misshaps! Bachelor in Art Teaching, she's excited to use her experience, productivity and openness to bring kids to have their best summer ever!

Specialized Camps

Specialised Camps - Vocal specialist - 5th summer

Music is the story of a lifetime. For Opus, this story started when he was 7 years old. Starting out with piano, he soon branched out to choir singing. He loves to recount the times when he sang in more than a thousand (!!!) concerets spanning 2 continents, 4 countries and in more than 12 different languages. Studying singing at McGill, things he loves the most are choir singing, opera and pancakes. He teaches vocal training in private and directs various student choirs all around Montreal. But don't let those serious classical singer allures scare you : for Opus, nothing is more important than to have Fun, even when learning!

Cinema Specialist - 2nd summer

Je suis tombé dans le monde des arts quand j'étais jeune et durant mon adolescence, j'ai découvert le Cinéma. Sympathique et curieux, j'espère être en mesure de rendre mon intérêt pour l'expression artistique et les nouvelles technologies contagieux. 


Music Explo Camp - 5th summer

Zoboo is just like the character you’ve seen on TV; a little lemur who likes to bounce and play and only comes to life with a fresh snack in her belly! You can find me swinging and leaping back and forth between teaching music full time at Sacred Heart School and a Music Explo Workshop leader for this summer the McGill Conservatory! This will be her 4th year at camp and I can’t wait for the new adventures to begin either at camp or in the imaginary Zobooland! Come on, let’s go!

Music Camp - Ukulele - 3nd summer

Converse, band t-shirts, singing and trumpeting is her deal, ladies and gents ! Blink bounces around the stage and sings from her highs and to her lows. She is wonderstruck by her favourite bands like they're superheroes and keeps the guitar picks they throw in the crowd. As classical trumpet player, this homegrown punk rock girl lives and breathes her music. Her heart beats to the rhythm of every genre and wants nothing more but to make anyone else as excited for the world of music as she is. She sings to her heart's content and can't wait to hear your beautiful voices singing back this summer with the Ukulelers of Music Camp !

Music Camp - Violin - 2nd summer

Bonsaï loves to be surrounded by children and to make them discover her passion for the violin. She loves to create games to make learning the technique more dynamic ! Her joy is contagious and she sees the upside in every situation. Bonsaï is very much looking forward to her first summer at camp !


Video Camp - Theatre Camp - 2nd summer

I love sushi, astrology and playing hard core tunes on my uke. If you know me, you know that I am terrible at sports, video games and whistling (but I secretly wish I was amazing at all of those things). You'll often find me with my head in the clouds, most likely daydreaming about outer space or Beyonce. Need some advice on how much glitter to add to your work of art? I'm your girl.

Experimento - Visual Arts - Program Leader - 3rd summer

Swish Swish, The sound of free flowing wind, That can cast away , Any of your worries today ,Swish Swish, Can grant you any wish Even a fish!

Music Explo - 1st summer

I'm a really dynamic person who likes to get people to discover new things! I always bring a smile in my backpocket and I like to believe that there are no problems, only solutions. I love to move, make music, but mostly have fun and laughs with everybody. Get ready to be BAMBOUZZLED!

Music Explo - 1st summer

Just a little whip of a magic wand and... KAPLOW!!! Tchiko was born! Half-human and Half-percussionist, this strange being has a huge passion for music, especially all kinds of drums. Allready with ten years of musicianship in his belt, the Tchiko loves to share his expertise with all ages! Kids or adults, he'll always be there. A real ball of energy without limit, he'll for sure charm you with his songs and imitations!

Piano - Music Camps - 1st summer

I have a big heart with space for more! My curiosity is never quenched, always looking for new ways to think and new ways to be. I love to travel to far away places and music is kind of similar for me in a way : a never ending travel.

Violon - Music Camps - 1st summer

I've been playing violin since I was 13 years old and I'm having SUCH a blast in orchestra that I just want to pass on my passion and the joy of music! On the menu with Cascade this summer : Small tips and stories from a musician's life, excursions in different styles and eras of music, teamwork, fun, and most importantly a spot for everyone on the scene!


Piano - Experiento & Music Camps - 1st summer

(English version is coming up!) J'aime rendre la musique plus intéressante et diversifiée. Étudiant en éducation musicale et pianiste classique, je suis assez idéaliste pour croire aux pouvoirs magiques de la musique.


Violon - Music Camps - 3th summer

Bio coming up shortly! 

Guitar - Music Camps - 1st summer

In love with music teaching, I wish this summer that my campers evolve in their music journey and through my fun sharing of musical knowledge!

Theatre - Specialised Camps - 1st summer

Theatre, be it the actor job or fun exploration, is Miam's speciality. Director and writer, she loves to create new worlds with the young and is looking forward to help them shine on stage this summer! Like her name suggests, she enjoys every bite of fun in life.

Dance - Specialised Camps - 1st summer

Lollipop is currently studying law at McGill and she is trained in hip hop, contemporary, tap, classical ballet and jazz. She has enjoyed sharing her passion with children, teens and adults in Brazil, Cambodia, Cuba, Haiti, and of course, Montreal! Dance can empower kids of all abilities, so get ready to get moving and grooving with Lollipop!

Dance - Specialised Camps - 1st summer

After having studied classical violin, jazz singing and theatre, I discovered my current passion, DANCE. I love self-expression though movement and rhythm and have spent the last 4 years perfecting my flamenco dancing in southern Spain. I love expressing myself dramatically while always having fun! 

Puppet - Specialised Camps - 1st summer

Yéti is ALL about puppets! It's such a joy for her to tell stories through a moving, breathing medium. A student in Contemporary Puppet Theatre at UQAM, she loves stick controlled puppeting, shadow theatre and hand puppeting. She also loves coffee, avocados, knitting and cacti.

Video - Specialised Camps - 1st summer

I love arts in general however, I can't hide my deep love for cinema. The movie theatre is almost my second home. When it was time to choose a professional path, I decide to turn my passion into a career. My number one goal is transmit my passion for cinema to the campers.