Workshop Leaders

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Artemusik & Artemusiki Camps

Camp Artemusik-ki - Drama - 3th summer

I study environmental science and  theatre at Bishop’s university. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to dance, perform, and act! I’ve been going to camp since I was 11 and I love camp more than anything else in the world. My favourite book is Harry Potter and my favourite colour is green!

Camp Artemusik-ki - Arts & Craft - 1st summer

Let's make something! For Ciseaux, fun means making stuff from scratch. Together, we are going to transform campers into brilliant scientists, strong warriors, enchanting fairies or whatever they must be in their end-of-camp performances! As a psychology student of McGill University, Ciseaux looks forward to teaching the little ones how to use their imagination and express themselves through arts and crafts!

Camp Artemusik-ki - Choir - 4th summer

(English version is comming up!) La musique est l’oeuvre d’une vie. Pour Opus, elle a commencée dès l’âge de  7 ans. Initié au piano, puis au chant chorale, il aime raconter comment il a chanté dans plus de mille (1000!!!!) concert au travers de 2 continents, 4 pays et dans plus de 12 langues différentes. Étudiant en interprétation à Mcgill en chant, ses spécialisations sont le chant choral, les opéras, les comédies musicales, et les crêpes. Il enseigne le chant en privé, et dirige diverses chorales étudiantes à travers Montréal. Ne vous laisser cependant pas apeurer par ses allures sérieuses : car pour Opus, rien n’est plus important que de s’amuser, même  en apprenant!

Camp Artemusik-ki - Percussion Instructor - 1st summer

Rebo, much like the blue Ortolan musician in Jabba's palace from whom his name derives, really knows how to put together a great musical ensemble! By the time we are done with our lessons and rehearsals, their rhythmic and percussive abilities would please even Jabba himself. When not playing music, Max Rebo can be found at school pondering about political philosophy or at home admiring his action figure collection! 

Camp Artemusik-ki - Dance Instructor - 2nd summer

Jazz has been tapping her toes to the empowering beat since she learned to walk. She has creativity beyond compare and will blow you away with her high power energy and passion for many styles of dance. She never stops grooving out to the music she hears... kick here...  turn there, she will not stand still. With her around there is never a dull moment and she hopes to keep you moving to the music to have some fun this summer. So 5,6,7,8... Here we go!


Specialized Camps


Section Leader - Experimento & Crafts - 7th summer

Drumroll please! Oh yes, Pouliche is at MCDC! This small flying creature is passionate about the art and the stage and will transmit to you her love for life! With her overflowing imagination and creative ideas, she'll have so much with all of you all summer long! But watch out, you shouldn't underestimate her calm nature! Pouliche is full of energy and will encourage you to showcase all your emotions! Hold on to your caps, kids, Pouliche is coming!

Puppet Specialist - 1st summer

Just like in Fantastic Beasts, Newt has been passionnate about nature forever… along with theatre ! He used to play around with figures as a child, which explains why he was so enthousiastic when discovering the art of puppeting during his undergraduate studies in Drama Education. Since then, not only has he kept inventing stories, but he can now create their heroes and give them life with his bare hands ! It gets even more exciting when many imaginative brains are put to the task : that’s why he loves to work with children : their imagination has no limits, and the stories they’ll tell at Puppet camp will be fantastic !

Dance Specialist - 4th summer

Cabriole is a little ball of energy and imagination. As a student of contemporary danse at Concordia University, she is has a passion for danse and the arts. She hopes to share this passion with all of you! Cabriole has always kept her child's outlook on life and her contagious joie-de-vivre. Be on the lookout, as she will be part of the Artemusik team this summer and will be taking on new challenges. With an exceptional personality, with multiple talents, her goal this summer si to spread happiness and to put a smile on children's faces.

Dance Specialist - 2nd summer

Dance Specialist - 5th summer

Kitty was a camper at McGill for two summers of Broadway Camp before training as a PAM, then becoming an SDG, and is now a Danse Specialist here at camp. She loves to dance as she had been a ballerina for over a decade, likes to act as she has taken many drama classes, and enjoys singing as she has been in many musicals such as Grease, playing Cha-Cha, and Annie, playing Mrs. Hannigan. Kitty also likes to draw and paint and has attended many art courses and art camps as a child. She is very excited to transfer this love of the arts to her campers and help them learn, be passionate, and indulge in these fun activities that expand the creative mind!

Drama & Vocal Specialist - 2nd summer

After attending the Interpretation program at the National Theatre School of Canada for 4 years, SoFine has received an exilirating singing training and wants to share her love of music with the campers of the McGill Conservatory Day Camp ! Choir singing is for her a sensory experiment beyond compare, where the individual and the group are one during a song, where all of the hearts and breaths vibrate in harmony.

Broadway & Song Writing  - 3th summer

After studying in Musical Theater, in piano & in composition at Collège Lionel-Groulx, Reggae spread her wings into the music world! With one album out and a tons of experiences with her band, she's waiting impatiently for camp to be able to share her universe with you! Reggae knows good music and garanty bright , exciting days at camp. Don't be fool the name, she's more than open to all kind of music too ;)  

Cinema Specialist - 1st summer

Je suis tombé dans le monde des arts quand j'étais jeune et durant mon adolescence, j'ai découvert le Cinéma. Sympathique et curieux, j'espère être en mesure de rendre mon intérêt pour l'expression artistique et les nouvelles technologies contagieux. 

Vocal, Cinema & Stop Motion Specialist - 4th summer

As her name implies, Aria has a passion for the lyrical arts. She believes that music is an extraordinary way to discover different textures, shades, and colors. Her keen interest in the different aspects of the visual arts brought her into a medium that is able to combine everything : animation! Animation emcompases everything from drawing, to painting, as well as sculpture, casting, and photography. Sound and imagery intertwine together in this domain that she is currently studying at Concordia University. Always on the lookout for new knowledge, Aria transmits her curiosity though her projects in order to develop her art to the fullest. Instructor of safety & rescue in aquatics for many years now, she knows how to guide you throughout this incredible journey. She looks forward to creating great things with young passionate and artistic minds!  


Video Camp Specialist  - 2nd summer 

Étudiante en cinéma et passionnée de tous les arts, PopCorn alimentera votre soif de création et de motivation! Ayant 4 ans d'expérience en camp de jour, PopCorn se hâte de commencer un cinquième étés. Venez partager vos idées de projets les plus fous et votre passion du cinéma avec elle. N'oublions surtout pas que chaque jour est une nouvelle aventure remplie de belles surprises! Ne perdons pas de temps à la découvrir ensemble cet été!


Music Camp - Piano - 4th summer

Farandole likes having fun and taking care of others. She looooves children! She started playing piano when she was 7 and haven’t stopped since then. What she likes the most is to find new musical pieces and share them with her entourage. Her perfect summer would be to spend time in the sun and share her passion with the kids and staff of the camp. Being a student in Music Education, her first summer with us will be a guaranteed success!

Music Explo Camp - 4th summer

Zoboo is just like the character you’ve seen on TV; a little lemur who likes to bounce and play and only comes to life with a fresh snack in her belly! You can find me swinging and leaping back and forth between teaching music full time at Sacred Heart School and a Music Explo Workshop leader for this summer the McGill Conservatory! This will be her 4th year at camp and I can’t wait for the new adventures to begin either at camp or in the imaginary Zobooland! Come on, let’s go!



Music Camp - Violin - 7st summer

T is for today, A is for amaizing, M is for music, B is for BOOM! and U is for you and me! My name is Tambourine and I love music, theater, cinema, dance, arts and crafts and making people laugh! I'm named Tambourine because I walk to a different rythm and play my own tune, but if you're willing to sing along, I'll be super glad to make a new friend who is just as eager to share and play their own beat out loud! It's always more fun to make sounds and beats with your friends! I look forward to spending the summer with you, and if you ever need help, don't be shy to ask, because just like the tempo in a song, I'll always be there to make you smile!!

Music Camp - Piano - 5th summer

As her name suggests, Whimzy’s playful sense of humour is sure to make her campers smile. Having studied piano at the McGill Conservatory for over 10 years, she loves channelling her vivid imagination to compose original pieces. Always ready for fun, this enthusiastic science student is eager to do sports and to hear about your favourite movies or music. This summer, she can’t wait to spend awesome sunny days with you and make camp life a bit more extraordinary!

Music Camp - Ukulele - 2nd summer

Converse, band t-shirts, singing and trumpeting is her deal, ladies and gents ! Blink bounces around the stage and sings from her highs and to her lows. She is wonderstruck by her favourite bands like they're superheroes and keeps the guitar picks they throw in the crowd. As classical trumpet player, this homegrown punk rock girl lives and breathes her music. Her heart beats to the rhythm of every genre and wants nothing more but to make anyone else as excited for the world of music as she is. She sings to her heart's content and can't wait to hear your beautiful voices singing back this summer with the Ukulelers of Music Camp !

Music Explo - 3th summer

Hi my name is Rice! This is my first summer at the McGill conservatory day camp and I’m super excited to be counselling Artemusik!! I’m from the southern US (North Carolina) and I’ve lived in Montreal for 2 years. I’m a Clarinet major at McGill, but I secretly love playing jazz saxophone. I’m super outgoing and I love meeting new people. Some of my favourite things are coffee, music (all kinds but especially jazz, rock and funk!), eating macaroni and cheese, and going on adventures with my pet rat Xany!! I can’t wait to make amazing art and music with ya’ll this summer! See you soon!!!

Music Camp - Violin - 1st summer

Bonsaï loves to be surrounded by children and to make them discover her passion for the violin. She loves to create games to make learning the technique more dynamic ! Her joy is contagious and she sees the upside in every situation. Bonsaï is very much looking forward to her first summer at camp !

Music Camp - Violin - 2nd summer

Music Camp - Ukulele - 1st summer

I love sushi, astrology and playing hard core tunes on my uke. If you know me, you know that I am terrible at sports, video games and whistling (but I secretly wish I was amazing at all of those things). You'll often find me with my head in the clouds, most likely daydreaming about outer space or Beyonce. Need some advice on how much glitter to add to your work of art? I'm your girl.

Music Camp - Guitar - 2nd summer

Django is looking to forward to meeting old and new faces at camp this summer and to continue sharing his passion of the guitar. Django draws inspiration from a hero of his, Django Reinhardt, and hopes to explore a variety of genres with his campers; from gipsy jazz to classical to rock and roll. Django is currently approaching a decade and a half of guitar playing and has been teaching the instrument for the past three years. Django can't wait to see you all at camp!

Drum Camp - 2nd summer

Introducing Blakey, an outgoing and passionate ex garage band camper. This Mcgill jazz performance major and aspiring drummer is always looking for ways to shine a positive light on life and have as much fun as possible doing so. Growing up with all kinds of music around the house, Blakey quickly developed an affinity for music that makes him want to dance. In other words, music that grooves. Known for bringing a serious but lighthearted drive to anything he undertakes, Blakey, like his namesake (Art Blakey), is all about sharing his approach and love for groove with those around him. This will be the first summer at camp for Blakey and he couldn't be more excited.






CKUT Radio Camp  - 1st summer

Whether it’s recording traffic to playing viola to a radio broadcast, sound has always amazed K and they can’t wait to share this passion with your kids ! K is currently studying Electroacoustics at Concordia and, as part of the CKUT Radio Camp, they’ll help teach your kids the basics of audio editing and all about the technology that helps make an everyday radio show possible !

CKUT Radio Camp  - 1st summer

Hi everyone! I'm Scully and I'm currently studying Journalism at Concordia University. This is my first summer at camp and I can’t wait to explore the wonderful world of radio with my campers! Bring your brains, your beats, and your big smiles—let’s make this summer super groovy!