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Administrative Assistants:

Administrative Assistant

Cricket has been jumping around McGill for over a dozen years! She has hopped in and out of the Camp Office, helping numerous campers and staff over the years. With a wide understanding of how to keep things running smoothly, you may not ever see her, but you can certainly hear her chirping away as she completes her tasks. She works hard to help organize camps, helping you register, answer your questions during camp season, and tying up all those loose ends at the end of season! Cricket has started her own family now, and soon hopes to have her little critters come back to the McGill Conservatory as fledgeling campers! Let's hop to it!

Administrative Assistant

Starfish started dancing as soon as she could walk, and she loves painting and music! A student at McGill, she waits out the cold, long winters in Montreal anticipating all the fun of camp each summer. She loves to put on plays, and sheknows that kids are the best actors. Starfish is excited to share her love of the Arts this summer with you, and can't wait to see you all soon!


Administrative Assistant

After just having finished high school, I can’t wait until summer to have fun… and especially with all of you! Just like Nala in the Lion King, she is loving, patient, responsible and nice. You can trust her and come see her to talk anytime, anywhere. She love learning new things and discovering new worlds. All summer long, she will look forward to meeting you, knowing you from head to toe, and sharing the best and most hilarious moments with you. Take note that she can laugh until she cries… which is something normal lions don’t usually do!


Administrative Assistant

Hi my name is Beeker, as in the Muppets character! My friends say I have an uncanny resemblance to him, and I go along with it for a laugh! I am very excited for camp this summer and can't wait to be a part of the team. I am a recent graduate of Bishop's University in Honours Political Science and have spent the last few months travelling India and Thailand, I cannot wait to meet everyone this summer!


Administrative Assistant

Who said that dogs were dumb? Certainly not Snoopy! After a three-year stint in Quebec City, she's back at camp for a second summer in a row! Armed with her bachelor's in communications, she's in charge of the camp administration. Whether it's for a boo-boo or a question about your registration, Snoopy's ready, and ready to have fun all summer, too! Toodles!!

Frimousse Administrative Assistant, Frimousse

Administrative Assistant

Frimousse is quite a special girl. Her personality is overflowing with contradictions! Serious yet insane. Funny yet melancholic. Her friends always find her amusing. With teaching in her soul, she is currently studying pre-school and primary education at UQAM. Profoundly well organized herself, Frimousse can take on many responsibilities at once and still be available to guide others. Behind this wise and angelic face, there is a mischievous young lady who likes to have fun and who has a deadpan sense of humour. Her passion for dancing makes her flutter like a hummingbird. What? Sit down and relax??? Never! This summer, she hopes to face new challenges and to see happiness and smiles everywhere.



Coordinator- Camp Artemusik

My name is Zed, I've always used that summer camp name!, and this is going to be my first summer at McGill Conservatory Day Camp. A bit about myself: I'm studying to be a teacher with kids with learning and/or behavior disabilities. All my life, I've worked with kids because I've always got that feeling inside of me. Life has sent me messages at some special moments in my life that spending my life with kids, either by having fun with them or teaching to them, was my destiny. By working with those little treasures that are mini-humans, I've realized how important it is, to me, to make myself a special spot in everyone's life. I've always found my own way to make it... and this summer, I chose McGill Conservatory Day Camp to change someone's life, and hopefully, to change mine a little bit as well! See you soon :)

Bulle Coordonnatrice

La voici, la voilà, l'énergie sur deux pattes! Au travail, Bulle devient un petit personnage sautillant remplie d'énergie étonnant pour une fille si calme, posée et songeuse dans la vie. Mais au camp, Bulle veut mettre le paquet! Adepte de théâtre, Bulle a étudié le domaine au cégep en plus d'avoir 10 ans de cours de piano. Ayant longtemps rêvé de chanter, elle a réalisé dernièrement que son manque de talent lui nuit... Ce petit clown étudie maintenant les communications (oula?!?) à l'UQÀM en journalisme (futur Bernard Derome). Si vous cherchez Bulle un jour, je vous conseille fortement d'aller voir dans une piscine, cette nageuse de compétition y passe plusieurs heures. Cet été, elle espère se sentir à Artemusik comme un poisson dans l'eau!


Gig Garage Band Coordinator

Garage Band Coordinator

When Gig heard about Camp Artemusik, he jumped at the chance to join their team! This camp is exactly what he thinks a summer camp should be: way cool activities and a crazy team who are the bomb, all situated right downtown! He's joining the team this year as the Garage Band Camp Coordinator where he'll be right at home since he's a musician himself. If you ask him: “Hey Gig, you got a gig tonight?” he'll probably answer: “Yeah, and tomorrow night, too!!” Gig loves keeping busy and so he's looking forward to producing some awesome shows this summer and offering his campers the chance to be a rock star!!



Coordinator- Specilized Camps

Like the famous explorer Indiana Jones, I will take you on a great adventure this summer! As an inspiring anthropologist, I have a great passion for everything that is mysterious, exotic and far away and I really want to share those passions with you. On the menu this summer: we will dance, sing, draw plus a tons of surprises! I can't wait to meet you and get to know you this summer; I know we will get the most out of the camp together! Quick! Get ready for a summer of escapades and fun because with me you will quickly learn that everyday is a quest for fun and mysterious adventures…


Djembe Djembe

Djembe is the spitting image of the musical instrument of the same name: percussive, communal and communicative. He's currently studying communications at UQAM. He plays guitar, bass, drums, computer music, etc. But Djembé's real calling is working behind the scenes. Rehearsals, artistic advisement, event planning, communications, graphics… these are his domains. During the winter he works for a radio station and has even been an artists' agent! Djembé follows the Artemusik Food Guide for Better Living: a huge variety of music, a pinch of humour and a tall glass of sunshine. This happy diet doesn't prevent him from indulging in his favourite treats, theatre, dance, cycling and Lebanese food (!!). Get ready for the shish-taoukest summer of your life! Arrriba!


Dee Dee's signature

When Dee isn't playing music, she's either thinking or talking about it. She plays bass for the rock n' roll band Throwback and toured the United States with them for three months last fall. During that time, they sold out the first pressing of their CD, Border Crossing. But her talents reach much farther than that: she's the assistant conductor of the McGill Conservatory Youth Choir and still finds time to squeeze in the odd jazz-combo gig. She loves working with kids --- as her many young guitar students will confirm --- and considers it her destiny to expose today's youth to the genius of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix! Don't forget to ask her about Phish.


Tornade Coordinator


Warning! Tornado Alert! Tornade is overflowing with energy and knows how to get you excited too!!! She loves kids and her nickname is the “idea bank”. Your group is bored and you've tried everything? Come see Tornade and she'll find you just THE solution you need. She's currently studying human resources at McGill University. After spending 2 summers as counsellor to a group of 4-5 year-olds, she hopes to join team Artemusik as a coordinator. She wants above all to practice her leadership abilities which come naturally!!! Tornade always aims high and loves a challenge. So let yourself get swept away by this dynamic tornado… but don't worry… the sun always shines after a storm!


Taboule Coordinator


Overflowing with fresh ideas, Taboulé knows how to recharge your energy! Zen but tireless, she gives freely of herself to insatiable appetites for fun and good humour. A student of dramatic arts, this future marionettist has worked in many camps before landing at Artemusik. Clowns, marionettes, counsellors, campers: get ready ‘cause Taboulé's coming to town!


Jello Coordinator, Jell-O


Get ready kids! Jell-O is going to make your summer hotter than ever! No one is ever bored when I'm around! Jell-O, as every kid knows, is jiggly, jolly, refreshing and inspiring! A future teacher who's always smiling, I am skillfully up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of extreme fun! I'm a techno-wizard in industrial-sized zany ideas. Get ready for a "jam"-packed summer… Ape Grape, Wild Raspberry and Tropical Tornado! You'll be coming back for seconds!! WARNING : Jell-O may provoke laugh attacks and severe addiction. To be consumed in large quantities!


Biscotte Coordinator, Biscotte


Biscotte loves working with kids! She's just as dynamic and loves having fun as much as they do! Crunchy Biscotte turns heads with her bold and daring personnality! She is currently pursuing a degree in leisure and cultural studies at UQAM and plans to help culture shine forth by making arts accessible to everyone! Camp Artemusik is the perfect place to start that project! Liveliness, extroversion, creativity, joviality, resourcefulness and a sense of initiative make up Biscotte's personality. She loves being challenged and challenging others! Have a great summer!


Chaussette Coordinator, Chaussette


Chaussette is a 'leisure-addict'! She has just completed her second year in a cégep-level programme in leisure studies at the Université de Trois-Rivières. Always looking for new challenges, she stumbled upon a help-wanted ad for Camp Artemusik and thought is was a very interesting offer. So she jumped in! You can tell by her name that she is still a kid at heart, loves to laugh and is brimming with energy. Her joie de vivre is obvious and contagious; watch out: you may well be 'infected' this summer!!!! :)


Mandala Madala's signature


As a mystical globe-trotter, I never get tired of recounting my travels to anyone who will listen! After working with kids of all ages for the last 6 years, I chose to explore the wonderful world of Artemusik this summer. No doubt I'll have a great time playing and singing with you... With someone as colourful as I am, you won't have time to get bored. Also, watch out: I am a gifted prankster and I love to tease the ones I love! Armed with patience and cheerfulness, I'm always available to those I work with. Don't be afraid to share your good ideas with me... Imagination and creativity: here's all you need to have lots of fun... So, fellow campers, all that's left is for us to get to know one another, and just you wait and see how much fun we can have together!


Pinceau Coordinator, Pinceau


The great ‘Pinceau' (Paintbrush) has taught arts and crafts to the 4- to 6-year-old kids at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp for the past two summers. Quite thrilled with that experience, he was the 2003 5- to 7-year-olds coordinator at the Artemusik Camp. - Watch-out... It's gonna be a groovy summer... :-) "So good // so good // 'cuz I've got you... Outside of this camp, Pinceau completed in June of 2002 a bachelor's degree in drama at the École Supérieure de Théâtre de l'UQAM. (Don't laugh you guys; it's really what it's called!!!) He is currently working as a puppeteer with the Théâtre Sans Fil on a Québec/USA tour, on top of recently founding his very own theater company, La Putto Machine. Music, dance, theatre, painting, giggles and fun are six of the great Pinceau's passions. He hopes to share them all with the campers and with his nutty team of counsellors this coming summer. Can't wait to see you there!




Sol is a ray of sunlight bursting onto the chorale scene this summer! Double majoring in Music and Education at McGill University, she is excited to bring her love of singing to camp Artemusik. When Sol isn't singing at the top of her lungs, she's probably figuring out a way to burst onto the Broadway scene, or maybe just soaking up some rays...while always wearing her SPF 30 of course!


Cinnamon is finishing her year in Youth Child Care work (psychoéducation) at Université de Montréal. She is passionate about the arts and enjoys playing guitar, singing, drawing and sculpting. She also loves organising games for young people and is excited when she sees youth stand up and take leadership roles in an effort to share their gifts with others. Having travelled to different places in the world, Cinnamon loves to look at things from different perspectives and hopes to offer campers just the right spice to complete the recipe.


Hello I have to warn you that this name has quite a story. One day, a friend and I were playing a game called « geography test », and we found ourselves naming the names of Québec towns. At one point we noted the beauty of the name Shawinigan, and right then I simply shortened it to something which sounded good, and thus Shawi. I particularly like the wi at the end of the name, I find that it rolls off the tongue and is pleasant to the ears. Plus I love escaping to this Quebec town whenever I have a chance, and although it is a beautiful town, more importantly the word Shawi is a beautiful name.


Like the name says, he likes things that are old. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that he don’t fully embrace the future, and even sometimes the moon (huh? What? What’d he say?). With a Diploma from Concordia University in Cinema, he’s excited to share his passion for the 7th art and video. If you look carefully, you can often find him in a quiet corner writing, simply thinking (!!!) or talking (his name could also be Bla-Bla-Bla), he could be in the middle of telling one of his many stories, which despite his best intentions, always have a hilarious ending. He is passionate about what he does but he gets more satisfaction by transmitting that enthusiasm to those around him.


Cappella is carried by the melody, no matter what it is. Kept back by nothing, only it’s own echo can stop it. Her versatility in the field of arts allows for many new adventures ! Her degree in theatre gave her the chance to see that everyone in the world has a voice, no matter what it is. It’s implication is as significant in the community as in the professional world, in the francophone as in the anglophone. Getting all rallied up, she is more than excited that the summer is here, to laugh, improvise, to create rhythms each crazier than the next…She impatiently awaits all the overflowing energy, to create universes, and characters which you will remember for a long time…Cappella is ready with a whole lot of harmony !



Stéréo for Stéréo Love! Stéréo adores music, rhythm and rhymes! Her passion: mixing different styles and art forms and creating. Stéréo's brain is a strange place where bizarre ideas, uninterrupted melodies and animated characters live together. Seeing a great big gang of kids singing and sharing one emotion bring a tear to her eye. Born in the middle of summer, she has been making music since she was little. Sunshine in her soul, Stéréo loves Camp!!


Video is a complex world. One mistake, not having attention to detail or forgetting one little thing can completely change the feel of a production. From the conception, to the script, and the filming, you have to be a good team and have lots of enthusiasm to arrive at the end. After completing a training in cinema, Zoom is presently training in interpretation where he realized that whether in front or behind the camera, every detail is important and nothing must be forgotten. But such enthusiasm does not take the fun out of it, and Zoom is excited to help you put your ideas onto the screen by transmitting his love of film to you. At every step of the production new challenges arise. From A to Z, Zoom needs a team and he waits impatiently…


Glissando's description is on it's way!



Extremely rare specimen, the wild Kapow has no short fuse and is packed with imagination and fun! This mysterious creature is attracted by the sound of urban music and lights of big cities. We must be careful, the wild Kapow aims to tackle the full force of his imaginary enemies. Always ready for anything (like a Pokemon!), Kapow's not afraid of danger, and always comes out on top.



Odyssey is the name for a big adventure filled with magic and incredibly awesome events: it is exactly what I wish we will live together this summer at the camp! Odyssey is also the title of one of the first theatre plays ever written: you can guess that I indeed LOVE drama! I am currently studying Drama Education to become a Elementary/High School drama teacher: I found a way to mix my love for the arts and my love for children in one amazing career project! First you have to know that I love theatre just as much as Japanese people love rice: a lot! I also love to write, to play music, to enjoy a good movie, to visit art galleries, to take pictures and to read at least 2 books at a time. I also happen to work part-time an Tour Director for scholars groups visiting cities in North America: it is through that job that I discovered how much I get along with children and teenagers! You will witness yourself this summer that I am indeed a FUN-TASTIC person!




Colibri (french for hummingbird) is a prairie songbird from out West. She can be seen buzzing around McGill, where she is studying jazz voice and music education. Colibri loves singing, playing music, dancing, and choir more than anything. She thinks all styles are fun to sing, anything from classical, jazz, pop, rock, and musicals. She’s a curious bird, who hears music everywhere, loves to laugh, and believes anything is possible if you use your imagination. She can’t wait to sing with everyone this summer! 


I chose Jammin' because it holds my name and also because the word represents what I do best in life; JAMMING. I've been jamming/improvising since I've been a kid whether it be with a bongo drum, a drumset, a guitar or a blade of grass! I am very excited to jam with you this summer!


Trèfle is ... Trèfle is... Trèfle is, well intelligentabubbly grumpy. She sometimes feeds on the brains of the youth and connects wires from creativity with logic. Most commonly seen giggling under bedsheets, in tents filled with pegs, or around the corner of a door surrounded with crumbles of wax, pencil residue or paint, Trèfle is a creature of her own kind. She teaches art, apparently. It is told that she is quite mature and cunning in her own way. Don't be disturbed by her silly walks or facial expressions, it truly is her cuddle factor!


Kanga(roo) is a fun loving marsupial. She is currently finishing her degree in theatre and cultural studies at McGill University. Jumping, adventurous, and full of energy, she can make anyone smile. Kanga takes very good care of her young- she has a pouch where she can scoop them up if they get sleepy- and Kanga is sure that if they bounce around with her all day they certainly will be in need of a nap! Kanga’s love of the arts is what inspired to apply for Artemusik- she loves art more then she loves a good bounce through the outback- and that’s saying a lot!


Capu, capuccino or capuchin...every nickname works for her! A cegep student studying science, she has an insatiable curiosity. Passionate about piano and photography, she loves the arts and new discoveries. She is a loving camp counselor, dinamic and energetic. She does not miss the chance to participate in new experiences! She is already so excited to meet you and spend the summer with you!


Be ready for a life-time artistic experience with Coda! This accomplished musician passionate about art and culture will know how to make you see the world in a billion different colors. We will sing, danse, play music, cut shapes and glue sparkles, and play outside, i.e. we will have a lot of fun this summer. Full of energy and imagination, Coda is ready to listen to your stories. Ready or not, here we go for an adventurous summer to put up an extraordinary show that will leave you out of breath!


This summer, even if rainshowers or bad weather is announced, Sunshine can guarantee days that are 100% warm and sunny! With her constant good humor and her infectuous smile, she loves having fun above everything else and cannot wait to spend a wonderful summer with you! She has energy 24/7 and loves trying out new things! Her biggest passion is, without a doubt, dance, and she loves to move, laugh and make new friends!


It's my first summer at the McGill Conservatory Day Camp and I can't wait to meet everyone! I have just recently completed my Cegep dec in Honors social science and can't wait to have a blast this summer with all of you. I look forward to a musically, and artistically filled summer. I have worked at residential camp for the past 2 years, and am very excited to live the day camp experience.


Comme le serpent, BoaBee peut être aperçue s'infiltrant in and out de l'action. Lorsqu'elle est inspirée, elle n'injecte pas du poison mais des mouvements funky et repart à l'aventure. Ce serpent t'attends pour partager des PAS avec toi cet été!


Signature for Lunar

Lunar est le mot en espagnol pour grain de beauté. Lunar a un gros grain de beauté sur le bras gauche, et elle sait bien que les enfants remarque rapidement ce genre de chose. Lunar fait donc appel au corps dans ses petits détails. Lunar invite au monde des étoiles et du ciel et est une personne ouverte et créative qui aime ouvrir les portes de l'imaginaire aux enfants et aux plus vieux aussi!


Lux-O Signature Kino

Lux-O est tout un numéro! Entre ses univers imaginaires et la réalité il tente toujours de rassembler toutes ses idées pour en faire de folles histoires qu'il projetera un jour sur grand écran. En attendant pour se défoulé il aime bien inventé toutes sortes d'activités completement "flyées" qu'il désire partagé. Vous cherchez Lux-o? Suivez le bras qui tient la caméra la-bas...


Plogue Signature Plogue

A plug has a ton of uses: you can plug in a washing machine, or a lamp, or a lovely spring-scented air-freshener... or if you stick in a paper-clip, you can electrocute yourself (Yikes!!) You can use a plug to play your guitar or to curl your hair. But the most fun thing to do with a plug... is to use it as your name! It has been said that movie-making is the art of plugging... yourself, or others??? That is the question! As Camp Artemusik's very own 'Plogue', it will be my job to 'plug you into' the basics of movie-making and to 're-charge your batteries' with my energy and passion for the 'electrifying' world of video creativity.


Reglisse Signature Reglisse

My name is not just a name: it's a delicious source of energy!!! Like licorice (Réglisse), I'm colourful, tasty, sweet but never salty (imagine it... yuck!!!) With my training in theatre and all my camp experience, I know how to have fun with you and guide you though great emotions (theatrically speaking, of course...) So come on and join me!!! 'Cause at Artemusik "Laugh and you laugh alone!" ... wait, that's not right... "Laugh and the world laughs at you!" ... oh dear, that's not quite it either. Wait! I've got it! "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you!!!" (yeah... good one Réglisse!)


Carrousel Signature Carrousel

Carrousel: "quaint merry-go-round", you might think. But, oh, how sorely you would be mistaken! She'll have you rolling in the aisles and beside yourselves with glee!! Carrousel studied communications at Vieux Montréal Cegep. and she would like to continue her studies in Dramatic Arts. She also has many years of experience in theatre and modern dance, jazz, classical, hip-hop, and even knows a touch of tap dance. With her curious nature, she dabbles in all the arts, and you'll often find her strumming her guitar, beating on her drum, tickling the ivories of the piano, or dreaming up some whacko comedy-skit. In short, you will not fall asleep on a ride with this Carrousel!!!!


Focus Signature Focus

Focus is a creative girl, energetic and even a bit of a clown at times, who is passionate about everything to do with theatre, dance and of course cinema! What's more, as a result of long years studying cinema, she recently received a scrolled piece of parchment and an odd flat cap. Focus adores setting off on an adventure and has visit far off places where she met some curious characters around your age, who also wanted to know how the mysterious moving-image box works. Together they captured light, colours, shapes, faces, expressions, and sounds. One thing's for sure: this summer whatever's fuzzy for you about video will come sharply into Focus!


Funky Signature Funky

Attention all neighbours! Close your doors and windows, 'cause the decibels are going through the roof! Funky is passionate about music and can't wait to share it with all of you! He will soon finish his third year of a performance diploma in jazz and popular music at Cégep St-Laurent. Hoping to make a career with his rock group, Funky is going to teach the rudiments of this art which are accessible to everyone. So hang on to your hats, 'cause this summer is going to GROOVE!!!


GommeBalloune Signature GommeBalloune

Gomme-Balloune is aptly named: she's always chewing gum! With one exception, that is: during choir, of course, since it's hard to sing and chew at the same time! Otherwise, you'll always find her with some type of candy (such a good(?) source of energy...) She studies classical music at McGill, and has conducted youth choirs in the past. She loves kids of all ages and is SUPER GLAD to be a teacher to budding musicians!


Kino Signature Kino

Hi! My name is Kino. I love everything that's got to do with cinema and I know a lot about this magical medium! You will recognize me easily by my mismatched socks and my Disney T-shirts. Open your eyes and your ears... watch and listen very carefully because cinema is an amazing art!


Weezie Signature Weezie

Who is Weezie? C'est qui!!? He's the rare kind of cheerful and motivated fellow who can take you to worlds, musical and beyond, you've never been. With Weezie you'll push your limits, both on your instrument and in how you participate in a group. You'll cultivate the qualities that make you a good musician as well as those that let others enjoy making music with you! With Weezie, be ready to break down your barriers and above all to have fun this summer.


Whippet Signature Whippet

A blossom of new ideas and original games, Whippet is patient and passionate about kids. She has a ton of stories to tell that will fill you with summer energy. As a newcomer to the great Camp Artemusik, Whippet is going to help you discover the wonderful universe of imagination and laughter. She loves singing, musical comedy and having fun! There's no time to be bored, Whippet is here to keep you busy!


Galatin Signature

Being gallant is not only knowing good manners, but also applying them. There are many ways to act and, both in drama and in life, some are better than others. Once that's clear, the fun can begin. The audience is just waiting to be charmed and moved. Keep in mind though that a truly gallant individual always acts naturally, and not just so that others will like him/her. So let's open the door to your imagination and savour the fragrance of your interpretations. Since to love theatre is to love people, you need only reflect reality to be gallant.


Frootloops Signature

Hello Hello! My name is Froot Loops. I chose this name because: what could be more colourful than froots loops? I, too, am very colourful... red for love (yes, yes I am eternally in love with life)... green for nature and the great outdoors which are a part of me... yellow for the sun that I bring each day in my bag... blue for the water which is my second medium of existence... and also... violet because just like these small flowers I blossom each day with the smiles of children. In essence, I am the breakfast full of flavours that you need to have a wonderful day!!!!


Cub Signature

Cub is usually found deep in thought, sitting with his guitar in the sunshine, letting his perception of the world pass through his voice and instrument. He is passionate about arts and culture, and is always seeking out adventure. He loves meeting new people, snowboarding, skateboarding and listening to different styles of music, from reggae and funk to jazz and rock. Cub loves playing, and creating with people of all ages, learning new instruments and is always up for a good jam session!


Jazzy Signature


Some six years ago, a wee, young and frisky Jazzy came to Peanut, her CV under her arm looking for a summer job. She could feel her nervousness all over her body; she gesticulated and fidgeted her way through the interview, so much so that Peanut thought she was showing him a new choreography... He was charmed by her enthusiasm and passion for dance. Since that day, Jazzy shares her joy of movement with young and old alike, and is already preparing an explosive programme for this coming summer! Get ready… It'll be groovy!!!


Petruska Signature

« Pe-truuuuu-ska, do not cry! Join in our dance… » Our dance, mimics and theater. « Let your blond hair twirl about… » Blond, brown or red, depending on my shifting mood and changing winds, with songs and funny faces to boot! Being neither Russian, Czech nor from the Uzbekistan, but adhering to the precepts and teachings of the Great Master Constantin Stanislavski, I am like one of these Russian dolls, containing multiple personalities, talents and tricks!!! So put on one of Grandad's old shirts and become Pulcinello through the wondrous magic of the theater…


Rafale Signature

Once upon a time, a mighty wind blew through my life and transformed me into a real ball of energy. On that day, the wind made my arms, legs, head and entire body move around. I immediately became dance-obsessed! Now I have become that wind myself and I am here to make you dance and smile all summer long!!!


Tchiboum Signature

Tchiboum is quite a number! She'll get a great sound out of any table, chair or pen. If you hear a door knob solo, she's probably at work on her next composition. Since she was very small (which she still is, incidentally...!), Tchiboum has loved percussion and that's why she loves sharing her passion and her love for music with everyone that she meets. She has taught percussion for many years and studied it at the Université de Sherbrooke (she is now doing her Master's degree at the Université de Montréal). For a second summer at Camp Artemusik, she would love to help you discover sounds you never thought existed!


Chili Signature


With Chili, don't worry;
Life is simple: laugh and be merry!
One summer in her company
Will be quite a challenge, baby:
What shall you be? A clown or a monkey?
You'll shake your head, your feet and your booty,
Discover worlds unknown to anybody.
Jokes and fun are her specialty!
Hear ye, hear ye,
Time for drama with Chili!!


Gazou Signature

Arts & crafts

Hi everyone my name is Gazou! A few years ago I was studying to become a social worker, and a hot summer was coming upon us. So I said to myself: why not spend these beautiful days running after little rascals?!?! So I did! In three summers at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp, I went from counsellor to arts and crafts instructor. This is how I developed a taste for cardio and paint fights (n'est-ce pas, Simon & Samuel?!?!) So this year I'll be at Peanut's camp! It's a date!!! GAZOU XXX


Mando Signature

Arts & crafts

Believe it or not, four years ago I landed at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp because of a trip to France… Faithful and sweet as ever, I stayed with the 4- to 6-year-old group all that time. (Incidentally, don't they deserve a funkier name...?) Given my passion for our planet and all the crazy stories it holds, I love enticing our wee ones' imaginations by telling them on of its tales. Many would say that this is my true vocation... I'll be leading (for a second time this summer; but this time at the Artemusik Camp) the arts and crafts workshop with our friend Shakespeare. You'll see ­ time will fly when you're with us! See you very soon, Mandoline XXX


MF Signature

Vocal coach

Here I am, your vocal coach! I'm a music addict! Having performed in several musicals myself and being a trained singer and keyboard player, I jumped at the opportunity to work at the Broadway Camp! After completing my Jazz vocal performance degree at the Cégep Marie-Victorin, I ran head first into the jungle of the music world­ and I still haven't come out! I love vocal harmony, and I've done it all: back-up singing, musical directing, producing, art directing, arranging, solo singing on several productions, adjudicating, etc. One recurring and growing passion in my life: teaching. So I can't wait, and I'm delighted to get to have fun with you guys for a third summer at Camp!




Mimik embodies the energy, the joy, the craziness and the fun that comes from doing drama workshops with the little ones. Last year, Mimik amazed us with the two stories she created along with the whole 4- to 6-year-old team at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp. This summer she followed her two friends, Peanut and Pinceau, over to the Artemusik Camp. Will we get to see Momo again this summer?!?!? To be continued...




My name is Pavel. I am not a hockey player nor am I Russian. But I am a music lover, and making music with kids is so awesome!!! I graduated from McGill University in honor's voice and music education. I began my master's in conducting this past fall. Schroeder (the former choir director) got me this aammmmmazzzzzzzing gig at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp three years ago. Being the choir director for the 8-15 year old group has been incredibly outrageously fun au bout!!! I can't wait to see you all this summer.


Sama Signature


Sama is a raging river of energy. Everybody beware, for she knows how to get your attention and respect!!! On the other hand, her knowing winks don't fool anyone, and everybody loves her. Sama has been drama instructor for the last three summers at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp. Last year's adaptation of Ulysses' travels? That was her idea. She's back this year with all her crazy ideas and her joie de vivre!!! See you at the Artemusik Camp!


Shakespeare Signature

Arts & crafts

O Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo...? Shakespeare is our resident romantic hero. In love with the theater, and more particularly with set-design, Shakespeare is our set/costume/props guy. A student at the Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, he is currently preparing his application to the École Nationale de Théâtre. We wish him good luck and will see him next summer having fun with wee ones.




François Bélanger holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in piano performance from the Université de Montréal. For more than fifteen years, he has been teaching piano to students of all ages. Some of them have been national finalists at the Canadian Music Competitions. A piano teacher at the École de musique de Verdun since 1994, he also leads the ‘sound play' workshops at the Cégep Vincent d'Indy. He has also been teaching piano for the past four summers at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp. It is with great pleasure that he joins the staff of the Artemusik Camp.


Camp counsellors:

Vnille adores music, singing, acting, film, dancing art and many other things ! Her motto : "Why walk when you can dance? Why talk why you can sing?" Games, games all the time! This is what you can look forward to this summer with Vanille! Always smiling and full of fun, the hours will seem like minutes, and the minutes like seconds! Her passion is drama, and Vanille will put a smile on your face with her silly performances. She can’t wait for summer, 1, 2, 3…here we go!


Good old Road Runner is back this summer to play tricks on you and to show you all that he is made of! Fresh into cegep and future fire-fighter, Road Runner is here to make you spend lots of energy! A sports fanatic, he snowboards, skateboards, plays ice and streeet hockey... And this is only the beginning of a long list of sports that he loves to participate in and is ready to share with you this summer! With Road Runner, it is not only about fun and sports; he also loves being on stage and acting out a scene! It is in front of an audience that he enchants us with his creativity and acting talent. Road Runner knows how to laugh and he is not scared of being ridiculed! Campeurs, if you have a dare for him, he is ready to accomplish it! He can't wait to see you this summer!


Why is Raptor called Raptor? Because she is a DINOSAUR! RAWR! A dinosaur of learning. Raptor is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and has been playing music since the dawn of time. By day, she is a classical saxophonist in a Master's program at McGill. By night, she is a rock'n'roll aficionado and songstress. Her taste in music ranges from metal to reggae to funk to grunge and she is always ready to add new music to her personal playlist. What does Raptor want to do this summer? To rock out and get funky with the hep cats down at Garage Band Camp.


Vanille adores music, songs, theatre, cinema, dance, art and tons of other things!!! Her catch phrase: "Why walk, when we can dance? Why speak when we can sing?" Tons and Tons of games! This is what our campers can look forward to this summer with Vanille! Always smiling and full of life, hours seem like minutes and minutes seem like seconds! Her passion is theatrical arts and so Vanille will know how to put a smile on your face while she becomes one of her many characters. She is impatiently awaiting summer! 1, 2, 3 ... here we go!


Ringolo is young, eccentric, energetic, interesting and at your service this summer! Whether it is to laugh or play, he will always be there to fulfill your needs! He loves ski and soccer, and with him you are sure to move and have fun! All there is left for you to do is to come meet him this summer and spend unforgettable moments at camp!


Cyclone, a whirlwind of energy, will take care of you all summer long! She is young, passionate about sports and very creative. She is a storm of joy who will know how to entertain you, dear campers. She always has new ideas and will know how to take care of you. Cyclone will know how to make you laugh and will ensure that you spend an unforgettable summer!


Don't be fooled by the geeky looks of this Master of Music Theory! Finch has been playing bass and singing (or was is screaming?) in a rock band for over ten years. Some even say they've seen him triturate cello strings in countless underground venues since the 1990s. His plans for the summer are to find out how low guitarists/bassists can wear their instrument, how high and raucous singers can wail, how hard drummers can pound, how begrudged keyboardists can act, how mucky bassonists can sweep, how ...


Banana popcycles are the BEST! That’s why Dee decided to call me Banane, and since what she says is genious, I am now known as BANANA ( or Beunane, wichever you like better). Banane loves to laugh, she is always finding ways to make people laugh and knows when to laugh at herself when needed. Banane loves to tell stories to her friends, but she loves it even more when they have funny stories to tell her. Banane is very creative and that is one of the reason she is a good musician. She can play trumpet, a little bit of guitar, she sings in a choir and sometimes as a back-up singer for a band. Sometimes Banane is a little nervous before a concert, but theres nothing like a funny face and a good laugh to calm the nerves. This summer is going to be real funny!


As his name tells us, Cayen is …. Spicy. Always ready to laugh or play games he’s what you need to spice up your summer! This counsellor does a lot of activites like improv and choir. He's waiting for summer to start to have fun with kids at Artemusik. Muy caliente, no?!


Hello you (whomever you are !) ! I’m Charlie and I am bursting with excitment to meet you all this summer. I am likable, imaginative, and I love to laugh and make others laugh too! I am also very impatient to have an unforgettable summer with all of you at Camp Artemusik! See you soon everyone!


Colourful, bright, smart, Confetti will charm you with her contagious smile ! This will be her first summer with Camp Artemusik, but not her first experience with day camps. Passionate about theatre since she was young, she is ready to make this summer a party that you will remember for a long time ! Let’s make a bet that this will be one colourful summer…


Gemma is impatiently waiting to spend ALL summer with her dear campers. Her name signifies precious gem which is a perfect representation of herself: she has brilliant ideas, sparkling humor and an enchanting energy! She always listens and loves making new friends. Violinist that has played for the Westmount orchestra during four years, she loves all styles of music including classical, blues, indie, rock and much more, except maybe country! Gemma studies Optometry at the University of Montreal, and when she doesn’t have her nose buried in her science text books, Gemma loves cooking, skiing and listening to broadway movies. She is very excited to share her passion for music, arts and sports with all the energetic campers of Artemusik!


Pamplemousse cannot wait to meet all of you this summer! Just finished her degree in English Literature and Biology, she is looking forward to another summer at Artemusik to share her love of Arts with you. Pamplemousse loves to make people laugh and has a heart the size of a grapefruit. She is always full of energy and is going to dedicate herself to making this summer the best one yet! If you need a friend, she’ll always be there to help and protect you from an oncoming prickly pear!



After just having finished high school, I can’t wait until summer to have fun… and especially with all of you! Just like Nala in the Lion King, I am loving, patient, responsible and nice. You can trust me and come see me to talk anytime, anywhere. I love learning new things and discovering new worlds. All summer long, I will look forward to meeting you, knowing you from head to toe and sharing the best and most hilarious moments with you. Take note that I can laugh until I cry… which is something normal lions don’t usually do!


Prepare yourself, with a guitar in her hands and rock in her heart, Decibel will turn up the volume this summer! Though do not be mistaken by her calm ways as a student of Anthropology and Communications at McGill University, Decibel releases an animal through drums, piano, clarinette or the guitar. Inner punk-rocker, she will have you seeing (and hearing !) all sorts of colours ! The wind in her hair, earth at her feet and the sound making her hair raise, Decibel is excited to discover all the world’s music. Will you be able to recommend a new kind of music to her this summer ? The challenge has been proposed, a new « groove » must be added to the ecclectic artistic nature of Decibel. Come on release your inner crazy! Decibel will unchain your inner musician and let you live this extreme experience!


Attention, it’s hot ! Groovy is an enthusiast of adventure and passionate about music. He plays everything, listens to everything and loves insanity. King of Rock N’ Roll, with an interest in jazz and hip hop, Groovy will have you turning your head and opening your ears. Guitarist for U.F.O. (Urban Funk Orchestra) and member of the musical improvisation team of CEGEP de Saint-Laurent, Groovy is one ecclectic musician. He also loves to move, play sports and laugh. He anxiously awaits you. So set your mark, get set, go !!!!!!!!!!


Splash is coming back from Japan where he was learning the country’s language. He is always playing around (at times he is forced to stop having fun !) and he adores music. He has played the piano since he was four and loves to show off his interpretive talents ;). With lots of energy, he cannot wait for summer to finally have some fun. He loves all sports (except maybe croquet…) and loves to make those around him laugh. See you this summer!

Feedback Signature for Feedback

Feedback is a light-hearted rocker. Often considered as a nerd of rock and roll, he can be seen reading philosophy books wearing awfully thick glasses. His favorite instrument is bassoon, even though he can't play it, spell it or identify it visually. He therefore plays guitar. Working as author and comedian in the humor group Les Appendices, he also writes and plays songs in his own band, The Underground Mama, which has not encountered any kind of success yet. His hard-core ukulele version of Helter Skelter will make you shed a tear of joy... or pity.



Géo est en train de rédiger son petit mot. À suivre...



Hey kids! J'espère que vous êtes prêts aprce qu'Hermione esst déterminée à vous fair epasser l'été le plus magique de votre vie. Hermione viens tout juste de finir sa première année au CEGEP en cinéma et est impatiente de faire appel à sa folle créativité. Elle est très amusante et possède un super sens de l'humour et veux tous vous aider à atteindre vos buts artistiques. Si vous avez un problème ne soyez pas gêner, Hermione est toujours prête à vous écoutez! Elle vous attends au camp pour pouvoir partager cette extraordinaire expérience avec vous!



Pianiste depuis le biberon et même avant, claviériste, piocheuse de drum depuis pas très longtemps, saxophoniste refoulée, ouf... Quand elle ne répète pas de numéros musique-cirque consistant à se faire lancer des balles de jonglage par la tête pendant qu'elle joue du piano, Kaï pratique son drum ou son band (haha). À part la musique, elle aime le sport (mais elle nage comme une roche, quoiqu'on constate une amélioration depuis quelques semaines...bref) et les carrés au rice krispies. Elle aime les couleurs flyées et très flash, et on ne sait jamais si elle porte 14 chandails ou 17 (ce sera le mystère de l'été!). On termine avec une phrase qu'elle n'a pas dite: "Sans la musique, la vie serait une tout le monde serait de bien mauvaise humeur". Devinez de qui est la dernière partie? Haha!!! La musique lui donne plein d'énergie et tout un sourire, alors attention, cet été ça va rooooccckkkeeerrrr!!!



Pan amène une brise d'été partout où elle passe. Elle a une âme pasionnée et adore les plaisirs simples de la vie comme une conversation entre amis, un fou rire ou apprendre à connaître de nouvelles personnes, choses qu'elle est certaine de retourver au camp Artemusik. D'autres choses qu'elle aime? Piano (instrument qu'elle joue), flûte de pan (instrument d'où vient sont nom), crème glacée, histoires, chansons de camp, faire des bigoux, nager, cuisiner des desserts délicieux et profiter du plein air. Pan est une vrai boule d'énergie et est très excitée à l'idée d'être monitrice cet été!



Rousse, c'est bien bizarre comme nom?! Peut-être, mais c'est évident et facile à retenir! Et c'est ta vraie couleur?! Et bien, depuis ma naissance, ouais! Tu veux jouer avec moi?! J'attendais juste ça! Alors avec moi cet été les mots à retenir sont: rire, plaisir, amitié, activités et sourire ... Je n'attends qu'une chose, les premiers rayons de soleil annoncant la saison estivale et j'espère que vous aussi!



Sonatine respire la musique à plein nez! Ses oreilles se portent constamment vers toutes les mélodies du monde entier! Et elle préfère encore plus entendre gazouiller celles fredonnées par des jeunes bouillonnant d'énergie. Ah, et si vous en avez l'occasion, mettez lui une guitare entre les vous avez de la chance, peut-être vous jouera-t-elle une jolie berceuse! Étudiante en double DEC musique/sciences humaines, Sonatine n'attend que l'été pour se laisser entraîner par la danse effrénée du soleil au camp Artemusik!



Quand Patch ne travaille pas comme moniteur au camp Artemusik., il chante au sein de son band, Pat Lehman Band. Il poursuit aussi son Bacc en musique à l'Université Concordia et donne des cours de piano à temps partiel durant l'année scolaire. La plupart de ses influences musicales proviennent du Rn'B, du soul et du rockn'roll des années 60.

Tarzan Tarzan

Le Tarzan des jungles avec les culottes en fourrure c'est du passé. Tarzan a cherché plusieurs années dans le monde moderne pour trouver une musique qui pourrait bien remplacer son tambour. Il a trouvé confort dans trois groupes : le rock, le punk et surtout le métal. Il a jeté son tam-tam par la fenêtre et s'est procurer une batterie qu'il a nommé "LA CAGE". Il vous coupera le souffe avec l'aide de son sens imbatable de rythme et son goût pour la chanson suprême. Maintenant qu'il a finit sa visite au Japon et en est sorti avec un diplome du secondaire du Québec et Américain l'année suivante, Tarzan est prêt à montrer un peu de ce qu'il est capable de faire!



Yoda est une personne pleine de sagesse. Malgré tout, il ne perd pas une seconde pour s'amuser avec quiconque. Dans ses temps libres, Yoda joue de la trompette, du violoncelle, joue au hockey, fait de l'improvisation... Étant au secondaire, l'enfance n'est pas très loin derrière lui. Son énergie contagieuse et son imagination en ébullition n'attendent que l'été pour faire de nombreuses victimes.


Coco Coco

My name's Coco because, well, because my friends call me Coco… and because one of my favourite holidays is Easter. There's no better gift than a chocolate bunny. Coco (that's me!) is a friendly young man just finishing his fourth year of high school. Last summer I did my PAM at the Centre Claude-Robillard. I love playing games and having fun with younger kids… I'm looking forward to being part of the Artemusik team and having fun with all the kids at camp this summer.


Frizzy Frizzy

Hello boys and girls! Frizzy is friendly, cheerful, animated and energetic. At Camp Artemusik, she's looking forward to a fantastic return to childhood: a unique world both enchanting and exciting. Frizzy loves playing with kids, ‘cause she thinks they're really great. She also loves nature, music and… ice cream! So, be ready this summer! Frizzy's going to have fun with you… and don't forget that nothing's impossible in a kid's world!


Girouette Girouette

Though often spinning madly like a top, Girouette never finds herself going in circles and never loses her sense of direction! She can hardly wait to sing, laugh, dance, have fun and party with you. A university student in music and art, Girouette adores culture and is waiting excitedly to meet you this summer! Come meet her! She's ready when you are!


Grin Grin

Not too long ago Grin was a simple pimple-faced high-school student barely able to hold a guitar. Also, he was a loner. This combination allowed him to have A LOT of free time to practice and become the token guitarist of his social group. Now that school's out (for summer), he no longer needs to juggle his studies with his many musical projects. Instead, Grin is pumped and ready to engineer the summer of a lifetime for all you Garage Band musicians.


Joker Joker

Joker is now writing his little bio... :-)


Moko Moko

Weeeee~ Often a little WANKY, even a tad CRAZY, but she can't help it, cause she's HIGH-ON-LIFE! And who can blame her when she's surrounded by energetic little youngsters. (SOMEone's gotta keep up with them!) She's always around to get you up or to make sure everything is smoooooth-sailing. So give it a shot! Toss her a quick !hey hey!, or a surprise !yeeha!. Moko is always at the ready, to be RIGHT AT YOUR SERVICE ;)


Root Root

Root's got more than one guitar string up his sleeve. He's currently doing his undergrad in general music at the University of Montréal. He's been a member of the rock group Alkazar for 8 years and is also a member of the folk group Pomderoute with whom he has spent 4 summers aboard a speeding steam train, strumming his guitar, crooning his melodies and tapping his feet. With him, there's no doubt you'll return to the essentials of life: blues, rock, folk, humour, nature, smoked almonds and shampoo for fine hair. And on that note, don't forget that the best ointments are made from roots!


Sky Sky

Hello boys and girls! My name's Sky… that's right, like the blue sky on a beautiful sunny summer's day... there's nothing better to brighten up your world! Sky loves nature and having fun with kids (truly, she'd rather be a kid again herself). And what does she do with her free time, you may ask? She's passionate about digital art and has fun painting her imagination in Photoshop. She's hooked on cinema and photography, and is never without her music. Sky spent her childhood going to day camps, and she's determined to make your summer as unforgettable as hers were.


Pogo Spogo

Original, brilliant and sparkling, Spogo will help you discover the pleasures of youth. Bitten by the arts, theatre and communications bugs, she's motivated, always smiling and very excited about meeting and sharing a fantastic summer with you. Don't hesitate to come to see me if something's bothering you, because we can always find a solution! And remember: Don't Worry! Be Happy! Ya d'la joie! Kisses.


Wizz Wizz

Wizz is in high school and can't wait to have fun with all you kids this summer. He's full of energy and is always ready to play. Wizz plays trumpet to use his energy and he likes sports. He loves clowning around with kids. He's curious and clever. Wizz has a mission: to amuse and to make everyone laugh all summer. Wizz just can't wait to meet you !!!!!!


Coquine Signature

Hi everyone!! Coquine is really eager to meet you all ‘cause she loves to meet new friends!! (Although she knows many of you already… she was camper at Camp Artemusik for 7 years until last summer, when she became a camp counsellor.) You'll almost always find her laughing, even though she knows how to be serious. With her little laughs sprinkled here, there and everywhere, she makes everything fun! Coquine loves listening to music to relax, and has played the flute for a long time. Always ready to lend a hand, she often runs from one person to the next!! Social butterfly?! No!! This habit comes from the fact that she enjoys participating in a million activities, and to squeeze everything in, she has to run from one to the other!!!


Coccinelle Signature

Coccinelle is a playful girl who likes to laugh and have fun. She was a junior leader last year at a camp in Vancouver, but this year she opted for the adventures of Camp Artemusik. She's currently doing an early-childhood education diploma but she wants to continue at university to becaume a teacher. But this summer what she really wants most of all is to have fun with the kids at camp!


Sunshine Signature

As a young woman just getting out of high school, Sunshine is looking for NEW challenges. High School Diploma in hand, she's a passionate saxophone player who truly enjoys music and loves animals. So one day she decided that it would be a good idea to register on some inoffensive web site, you know, in order to find a summer job, AND BANG!... what did she see, you ask ? An ad for a day camp called Artemusik. Just the name was enough to make her fall off her chair! Picture it… a camp that embraces theatre, music and art!! “What a deal!” she said to herself. Her unstoppable energy, her weird songs that will, let's face it, probably annoy you, her sense of humour and her love for day camps… given the chance she could bring all this to face the challenge that she always dreamed of. And so it is on this note that she wishes you a wonderful summer and that she hopes she will be seeing you soon! =D !


Pirlouit Signature

Do you remember the little blond-haired troubadour that always sang all day long in the Smurfs? Well, that's me! (only a lot taller and with brown hair!) Need a song to spice up your day? Pirlouiiiiiiit to the rescue!! From Pavarotti to power metal, I sing them all! And after 10 years singing in many different choirs, let's just say that choir singing is my passion too :) I like music, dance, cinema, literature....and sports!!! With Pirlouit this summer you are going to groove and move!


Ruffles Signature

Ruffles is the name that my friends gave me back in high school, first because it sounds like my real name, so when someone yells "Ruffles!!!!", I respond naturally, and secondly because I keep eating all-dressed ruffles, so much so that one of my friends once asked me if I was a chip in another life, which actually would not be all that surprising!


Salsa Signature

Salsa is an energetic girl, full of fun, who loves to laugh and to make others laugh. Her interests lie in sports, arts, music et nature. One way in which she is truly gifted is in her creativity, and she hopes to find inspiration in the kids with whom she'll be working this summer! True to her name, she likes to move, groove and be active. She is also very passionate and invests of herself in everything she does. Her goal this summer is to add a little spice to the colourful life of Artemusik!


Smarties Signature

Hi everyone!!! My name is Smarties because I love ‘em. Like those yummy little candies, I've got a lot of flavour and a lot of colour :) In my company, this summer will be an adventure, guaranteed!!!! You want to have fun?? Smarties will keep you coming back for more!! So I'll see you this summer, eh!! I truly hope so! See you soon! Smarties -xxx-


Etincelle Signature

Full of energy and always on fire, Étincelle knows how to make a summer thrilling! At age fifteen, she was completely bewitched by the Broadway Camp that Artemusik offers and this year, she's back. Only this time around, it's as a devoted counsellor that she will spend another unforgettable summer with children who share her passion for the arts. Imagine how dreary would life be without dance, music, theatre or Broadway!!!


Gumby Signature

Hello everyone! I'm Gumby, an alien from Garbeloui, a far-away planet in a far-away solar system. On my home world, it was getting way too crowded, so I skipped out into space (mind you, skipping and jumping are my fortes) and landed in the middle of Camp Artemusik. Thanks to my anti-grav hair (on my planet, gravity is reversed...), I can pass as human and amuse little kids. I can't wait to have fun with you. As we say on my world: 'Fedriet!!!' (See ya! :-) )


Kiwi Signature

Hang on, who's this? Ah! It's Kiwi, a fruit unlike all others!!! Yup, she's a fruit that can actually walk and talk (ok, this might not seem realistic…but it's true…after all, nothing's impossible in Kiwiland)!!! Kiwi has a passion for arts and sports, but her real passion is having fun!!! She loves summer, she loves kids, and she loves to love them!!! She is very energetic and enthusiastic!!! (Notice all the exclamation marks!) Kiwi hopes to use her passions and skills to bring some extra flavour to the summer and to the camp's already thrilling life!!!


Mango Signature

Jambo (hello) children! I love children and I also really love mangos, after all, they remind me of Africa... one of the coolest places I have ever been. This summer I hope to eat many mangos with you in the hot summer sun, under a nice big tree. Maybe we could also dance and sing like they do in Africa; music is in the heart and soul of the African children. Is it in yours? I am sure it will be after a couple of weeks at Camp Artemusik!


Secrete Signature Secrete

It has been a real secret that Secrète was someone totally hyperactive. Tall and slim as a spaghetti poeple may have thought that she was discreet and quiet. But she has revealed her energetic nature and her motivation to spend it. Hyperactive as a kid, she has never been able to stop admiring them. So, she decided to stay like them forever! With her shiny smile, she secretly lights up everybody's life, charms the kids and becomes one of them, of course!


Sunshine Signature

Sunshine is back to Camp Artemusik this year as a counsellor, but she knows the camp well since for numerous years she has been a camper. Sunchine played piano for seven years and has been dancing for nine years but that's a secret that few know. Sunshine loves all sort of activities and soccer is one of her true passions. She is well known for her constant smile and hight level of energy. Sunshine will be shining this summer at the camp!


Trefle Signature

Trèfle means 'clover'. Clover as in: green, simple pleasures; rare four-leafed wonders; unique sceneries of Ireland... Since her ealriest years, Trèfle has loved dancing, painting, singing, writing stories, putting on plays. Now that she's growing up, she's gaining experience and is discovering a fierce passion for teaching others to engage in all her favourite activities. She plans on studying photography/design/cinema and becoming a journalist/writer/teacher. All of this while putting on dance, music, drama and comedy shows... and traveling! Lots of ambition, perseverance and energy! «On lâche pas la patate!», or if you prefer : «Don't let go of the patato!» Later!


Twixi Signature

Twixi never misses out on a great and fun adventure, so when she found out about Camp Artemusik, she just knew that she was destined to spend a fun at wacky summer here. Having already been a camp counselor for Camp Edphy International, Twixi was so excited to return to her inner child and spend her summer days painting smiles on children's faces! Her acheivements include winning at an oreo eating contest, being last year's champion at a potatoe sack race, and most importantly, obtaining her DEC in Cinema and Communication at Dawson College. She is so thrilled to be given the chance to express her artistic side this summer, and is more than happy to share her talents with all you future artists. Rememeber, the best way to keep Twixi smiling is to have the best time of your life, oh, and just between you and me, a Twix chocolate bar wouldn't hurt! :0)


Izocele Signature

Izocèle, the Great, the Best, the Most Courageous, Most Beautiful and Perfect of... triangles!!! Do not be frightened by his height or explosive personality! Ever smiling and cheerful, this triangle is sure to please. Watch out, circles, squares or rectangles, Izocèle is here!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jase Signature

Everyone calls him Jase, since they never have time to say his full name before he's gone to something else. Always on the move and full of energy, he loves working with kids, who are the only ones who can keep up with him. When he does slow down, it's usually to play his guitar; he lets fingers do the walking, giving his feet a much-needed break.



Hi! I'm PopOrange! It's been my name ever since my friends pointed out that I dressed like an orange popsicle: a long orange tee-shirt (my favourite colour) with stick-legs below to walk on! Heehee!!! This name also symbolizes creativity and energy. I love team-sports, techno music, drawing and painting. And when your goofing around with your friends, and you laugh out loud, everyone can see the orange mark on your tongue left by your popsicle... I love it! Get to know me, for I remain a mysterious character, filled with surprises. But don't worry: PopOrange has never bitten anyone...yet!


Red Signature

Hi everyone! I know you must think it's odd that i chse a colour for my nickname, but i find it the most fitting since red represents everything that I am! It actually derives from the name Big Red that was given to me in high school because my hair was red and I'm very tall, but now I use it more to describe my fiery and outgoing personality! It is the colour of Canada and also MY favourite colour! I adore working with kids and I love all kinds of art, so put the two together and yo get Camp Artemusik! YAAA! Hope to see you soon!J


Bambi Signature

Bambi is currently in high school and is happy to join the team this summer. She loves working with children and having fun with them. She loves musik, dancing and playing soccer. Everyone knows her for her sense of humour, her patience and her enthousiasm towards all projects! If you want to have fun this summer look for Bambi!


Cassis Signature

Cassis, with her hair as curly as a telephone cord, was born with a real passion for art. Already at the age of two, she was creating works of art on walls and furniture. At the age of four, she was dancing and doing arabesques on the sofa. (That poor sofa ended up at the city dump.) In her earliest years at school, Cassis was cracking everyone up. As she got older, she took many drama, dance and art classes. One morning, while eating her daily peanut butter sandwich (or was it ‘Peanut' butter'!?!), she heard a voice say to her: ‘why not become a camp counsellor at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp?' She jumped on the boat and it was an unbelievable and unforgettable summer! This year Cassis returns for a second summer at the Artemusik Camp. She can hardly wait! It'll be great!! xxx


Crunchie Signature

Crunchie is the perfect name for me, because I love chocolate and I love to eat!!! During classes I always have a Crunchie in my hands and in my mouth... Heehee... Also, I think it suits ma personality: it sounds funny, it's filled with bubbles (lol!!!!) and everyone knows that chocolate is full of energy!


Girouette Signature

Perfection can exist, as long as time and effort are given. This device is one of Girouette's, a totally perfectionist girl. Beside all the hours she spends studying, Girouette always has time to train on her bike and even some more to play piano. She has played for eleven years and by the time, she became friends with Chopin. But what Girouette likes best is reading stories, playing outside and laughing herself out. She loves kids because seriously, she is still one of them. Sometimes serious, she becomes goofy at the right moment, and this summer will be the perfect occasion. Always extreme, girouette loves changes, and fiery discussions. But what she likes best is helping people and making sure they enjoy themselves at all times.


Clarinette Signature

Peek-a-boo! My name is Clarinette, but as surprising as this may seem, I don't play the clarinet. But I love music very much and I play the piano; in fact I love it and play very often. Right now I am studying human sciences in Cégep, but last summer I worked as a counsellor at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp and I had a lot of fun. That's why I'll be counsellor again this summer, but this time at the Artemusik Camp! I can't wait to get to know you: you'll see, we'll spend an unforgettable summer together! :-)


Lux Signature

Lux is our resident gymnast, always with her head upside down! Full of energy, Lux loves being with kids and knows how to have fun while keeping her head cool and a watchful eye on her whole group. In other words, with Lux it's safe to let loose! Last year, at the McGill Conservatory of Music Day Camp, she was in charge of the 4- to 6-year-olds. But since she has now outgrown them (!), this year at the Artemusik Camp, she'll be part of the 8- to 15-year-old team.


Nenumain Signature

Two years ago, at the very last minute, Nénuphar was swept up by an enormous wave and landed on our director Peanut's doorstep, thus leaving her friends behind in her lovely romantic pond… Luckily, she has since met many more and all of them are a riot! She also encountered these strange creatures called ‘children'… A student in health sciences, Nénuphar often cracks her classmates up by sprinkling a few giggles over their study sessions in the school library. She can't wait to see all of her wee friends again, and to meet many more. Nénu awaits you and most importantly, don't leave your giggles at home!!!


Pissenlit Signature

Pissenlit embodies energy, songs and non-stop activities. Always in top shape, Pissenlit never lets her group get bored: we have two minutes to spare? Ok then, let's sing a song while dancing on one foot!!! We forgot our ball? Not to worry, we'll play imaginary skip rope! The best part of all this? The kids love it and keep coming back for more!!! Another fun-filled summer on the horizon!