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GBC Instructor - 6th summer

Boulette is passionated by different types of things. Musique, of course, but also cinema, physical excercise, cooking and video games. He takes part in these activities not to pass time, but to cultivate his soul as much as he can. This means that he never chooses randomnly. Always at the look out for new experiences and informed of progresses made by his favorite activities, Boulette has a big inconquerable appetite for adventure. He hates resting, even though he knows it is often necessary, and time wasting. He strongly believes that there is always something important to do with the time we have. We have so little of it today, why not use it to the best of our capabilities!

GBC Instructor - 2nd summer

Curly is a lover of sound and a bass player. He enjoys playing all types of music and most recently has earned a degree in audio engineering. He can't wait to transform the brains of the campers at garage band!

GBC Instructor - 6th summer

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 GBC Instructor - 1st summer

Hello I'm Banjo! I assume you're getting ready to have the best summer of your life and we at GBC are too! A little something about me: I'm a huge music fan who splits his time rowing and playing live shows! I'm from the United States and I can (and will!!) take anyone on in a BBQ-Rib eating contest. I play the guitar and bass. My favorite subject to study is History because it's basically a time machine into the past. This is my 5th year at GBC but my first as a staff so I'm really looking forward to an amazing summer! See you June 29!


 GBC Instructor - 1st summer

After studying in Musical Theater, in piano & in composition at Collège Lionel-Groulx, Reggae spread her wings into the music world! With one album out and a tons of experiences with her band, she's waiting impatiently for camp to be able to share her universe with you! Reggae knows good music and garanty bright , exciting days at camp. Don't be fool the name, she's more than open to all kind of music too ;)  


GBC instructor - 7th summer

Tammmtalatalatammmtamtalatalatalatamtamtammmm! Make some noise, because you will hear me sing and dance this summer! Tamtam is in the place! I am ready to spend all the energy that I have been saving up especially for this summer! Cegep is nice, but nothing beats having fun at camp with you!! Passionate about music, sports and technologie, I am ready to make you move, sing, play, laugh, and especially, have the most fun with everything with do at camp! I am ready, the question is, are you ready for the camp show? Are you ready to follow the GBC musicians in this crazy experience? I hope the answer is a big YES because this summer will be the best! I am so excited to see you!

Camp Counsellor Artemusik-ki - 2nd summer

Through dance, acting and music, Tofu knows how to take the flavor of the day. She is a great mix of all the ingredients that makes the summer a delicious season. She is now doing a Double DEC in music in classical singing and health science at Cegep de Saint Laurent and she has also done a lot of plays in her high school, which gives her the opportunity to tastes all flavors that life has for her. She gives you every day a great menu composed with smiles, energy and laughs that fill your head with a taste of sugar. Bon Appetit!

Camp Counsellor Artemusik-ki - 2nd summer

Kitty was a camper at McGill for two summers of Broadway Camp before training as a PAM, then becoming an SDG, and is now a Counsellor in her 3rd summer working here at camp. She loves to dance as she had been a ballerina for over a decade, likes to act as she has taken many drama classes, and enjoys singing as she has been in many musicals such as Grease, playing Cha-Cha, and Annie, playing Mrs. Hannigan. Kitty also likes to draw and paint and has attended many art courses and art camps as a child. She is very excited to transfer this love of the arts to her campers and help them learn, be passionate, and indulge in these fun activities that expand the creative mind!

Camp Counsellor- Artemusik-ki - 2nd summer

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Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 2nd summer

Hello! It's me, Crayon. I am a counselor and my best weapon is my SMILE :). I love summer adventures, ice cream, but most of all I love having fun. This summer I will use my imagination to its fullest! See you soon!



Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 4th summer

110 years ago, a tiny piece of a star fell from its constellation and landed on the McGill Conservatory. It can now be found during the summer as the fun and energetic Cassiopéeeee! This passionnate arts and music student can't wait to meet you and find new friends to play and laugh with. In addition to radiating energy all day, she loves asking tricky riddles! Are you ready for the challenge?


Senior Camp Counsellor - Artemusik-ki - 5th summer

Run, jump, save the princess, nothing can stop Mario, even the rain! Gear up for an amazing summer! Grab your paintbrush, your drum and your loudest voice because nothing will stop us! «But Mario, what instrument do you play?» I am proud to tell you that I have musical knowledge at all! I make for it with my enthousiasm and and energy. It doesn’t matter if you are a world class dancer, a master painter or just as curious as I am, I garantee an awesome summer full of fun and joy!


Sport Instructor Artemusuk-ki- 4th summer

Best known for the embodiment of love for Tim Hortons, I've managed to find a way into the camp life. Even though I'm only slightly more artistic than a rock and only slightly worse at singing, I can make up for the lack of talent with energy and being loud. Currently on my way to becoming a mechanical engineer in the co-op program at Concordia, so it's amazing to have an artistic experience at the camp to compliment my school life.

Camp Counsellor Specialized Camps - 2nd

"This camp has always been one of my favorite places since I was a camper here and now as a counselor. I am coming all the way from Chicago to share my love for the camp with you. Knowing that you'll grow to love it as I have. I absolutely love art and making art, even though I am possibly the worst singer and dancer there is! I study film in school and am so happy to be involved with it over summer at the camp!"


Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 1st summer

Éclipse ? She's a phenomenon! Her  good humor and laughter are contagious ,in no time it will put the sun in the day, guaranteed! Despite her tireless energy, she's has a quieter side hanging in her too. Eclipse study in CEGEP,  humanities - individuals. I must say that humans in general ... it fascinating! Since I'm often singing, dancing, laughing or running from right to left, i'm easy to be comfortable with it. Follower of sports, i'm always up for activities! This summer will be my first time into the great family of camps. Come say hello!:)


Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 1st summer

Hi my name is Rice! This is my first summer at the McGill conservatory day camp and I’m super excited to be counselling Artemusik!! I’m from the southern US (North Carolina) and I’ve lived in Montreal for 2 years. I’m a Clarinet major at McGill, but I secretly love playing jazz saxophone. I’m super outgoing and I love meeting new people. Some of my favourite things are coffee, music (all kinds but especially jazz, rock and funk!), eating macaroni and cheese, and going on adventures with my pet rat Xany!! I can’t wait to make amazing art and music with ya’ll this summer! See you soon!!!


Pre-and-After camp Counsellor - CIT in 2014

CIT 2014, Flash is coming back with a bang this summer as an animator for DayCare! She really likes arts, drama and cinema. She adores having fun and always has a smile on her face. If you ever look for her, you will find her very quickly, and always with radiant energy. She runs and jumps all over the place; she never stays still. You will never be bored when you're around her. 


Pre-and-After camp Counsellor - CIT in 2014

Fish is always ready to do crazy stuff and to laugh! We never get bored with her, she will makes you play at weird and funny games! She loves sport and fashion! After being a camper and a CIT (last year), she is really excited to be at the daycare this year!


Pre-and-After camp Counsellor - CIT in 2014

After being a camper at Artemusik for so many years and a PAM in 2014, I am super excited to finally be working here! I love sports, music and arts & crafts. I can't wait to have an awesome summer with you doing all my favourite things: playing crazy games, dressing up in silly costumes, eating ice cream, and many more. I couldn’t sing or dance to save my life, but that won’t stop me from having a blast in the East Lounge with my fellow Pre-and-After camp counsellors! See you in June!

Camp Counselor - Artemusik & Ki - 1st summer

I study environmental science and  theatre at Bishop’s university. I am an enthusiastic person who loves to dance, perform, and act! I’ve been going to camp since I was 11 and I love camp more than anything else in the world. My favourite book is Harry Potter and my favourite colour is green!

Camp Counselor - Artemusik & Ki - 2nd summer

Bubbles is very excited for her second year at Camp! She adores singing and making music and is here this summer to share her passion for music with all of our smiling campers! Bubbles studied clarinet performance as well as music education at McGill University and can always be seen making music or humming a fun tune. She loves to dance, play games and laugh. Just like her name, Bubbles has a very 'bubbly' personality, so don't be shy to say hello!


Kupo - Camp Counselor - Artemusik & Ki - 3th summer

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Pre-and-After camp Counsellor - CIT in 2014

Ooch is a groovy person, don't let his little eyes fool you! Frech out his CIT (last summer!), he's looking forward to meet you and talk about sports! Or Arts! Or music! 

Galaxie - Pre-and-After camp Counsellor - CIT in 2014

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Camp Counselor - Artemusik & Ki - 3th summer

As her name suggests, Whimzy’s playful sense of humour is sure to make her campers smile. Having studied piano at the McGill Conservatory for over 10 years, she loves channelling her vivid imagination to compose original pieces. Always ready for fun, this enthusiastic science student is eager to do sports and to hear about your favourite movies or music. This summer, she can’t wait to spend awesome sunny days with you and make camp life a bit more extraordinary!