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Garage Band Camp

 GBC Specialized Camp Counsellor - 3th summer

After studying in Musical Theater, in piano & in composition at Collège Lionel-Groulx, Reggae spread her wings into the music world! With one album out and a tons of experiences with her band, she's waiting impatiently for camp to be able to share her universe with you! Reggae knows good music and garanty bright , exciting days at camp. Don't be fool the name, she's more than open to all kind of music too ;)  

GBC Specialized Camp Counsellor - 2nd summer

Introducing Blakey, an outgoing and passionate ex garage band camper. This Mcgill jazz performance major and aspiring drummer is always looking for ways to shine a positive light on life and have as much fun as possible doing so. Growing up with all kinds of music around the house, Blakey quickly developed an affinity for music that makes him want to dance. In other words, music that grooves. Known for bringing a serious but lighthearted drive to anything he undertakes, Blakey, like his namesake (Art Blakey), is all about sharing his approach and love for groove with those around him. This will be the first summer at camp for Blakey and he couldn't be more excited.


GBC Specialized Camp Counsellor - 2nd summer

Born at the edges of the universe, Solar is burning with energy and musical inspiration. Passionnate about music from a young age, he is ready to make you move to the rhythm of the beat. Splitting his time between McGill University, where he is studying piano, and the Montreal music scene, Solar is also a fan of sports and good food. He is very excited to create music with you for a summer you will never forget 

GBC Specialized Camp Counsellor - 2nd summer

Bonjour je suis Banjo! Je crois que vous vous préparez à avoir le meilleur été de votre vie! Voici un petit mot sur moi: J'adore la musique (qui n'aime pas la musique?!?) et je partage mon temps avec l'aviron et mon groupe de musique. Je viens de les États Unis mais j'adore le Canada aussi! Mon lunch préféré c'est les côte-levèes et la pizza rouge Canadienne. Je joue la guitare et la basse. Mon sujet préféré pour étudier c'est l'histoire parce que ça nous permet de voyager dans des autres temps (oui... très cool....). Cette année va être mon 5e au camp GBC mais mon premier comme moniteur. Je suis vachement excité pour cet été avec vous! À la prochaine!

Artemusik & Artemusik Camps


Senior Camp Counsellor Artemusik-ki - 5th summer

Kitty was a camper at McGill for two summers of Broadway Camp before training as a PAM, then becoming an SDG, and is now a Counsellor in her 3rd summer working here at camp. She loves to dance as she had been a ballerina for over a decade, likes to act as she has taken many drama classes, and enjoys singing as she has been in many musicals such as Grease, playing Cha-Cha, and Annie, playing Mrs. Hannigan. Kitty also likes to draw and paint and has attended many art courses and art camps as a child. She is very excited to transfer this love of the arts to her campers and help them learn, be passionate, and indulge in these fun activities that expand the creative mind!

Camp Counsellor- Artemusik-ki - 4th summer

Pixel is our sport/Artemusik councillor. He has been part of the team since 2013 and has done every job at camp including camp aid, SDG, sport and Artemusik councillor. He has discovered all the tips and tricks and is ready to have the summer of his life playing games at camp!

Senior Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 5th summer

Hello! It's me, Crayon. I am a counselor and my best weapon is my SMILE :). I love summer adventures, ice cream, but most of all I love having fun. This summer I will use my imagination to its fullest! See you soon!


Senior Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Artemusiki - 3th summer

Éclipse ? She's a phenomenon! Her  good humor and laughter are contagious ,in no time it will put the sun in the day, guaranteed! Despite her tireless energy, she's has a quieter side hanging in her too. Eclipse study in CEGEP,  humanities - individuals. I must say that humans in general ... it fascinating! Since I'm often singing, dancing, laughing or running from right to left, i'm easy to be comfortable with it. Follower of sports, i'm always up for activities! This summer will be my first time into the great family of camps. Come say hello!:)


Camp Counsellor -Specialized Camps - 3th summer

After being a camper at Artemusik for so many years and a PAM in 2014, I am super excited to finally be working here! I love sports, music and arts & crafts. I can't wait to have an awesome summer with you doing all my favourite things: playing crazy games, dressing up in silly costumes, eating ice cream, and many more. I couldn’t sing or dance to save my life, but that won’t stop me from having a blast in the East Lounge with my fellow Pre-and-After camp counsellors! See you in June!


Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Ki - 3th summer

Ooch is a groovy person, don't let his little eyes fool you! With his CIT diploma (in 2014!!) and a summer of experience, he's looking forward to meet you and talk about sports! Or Arts! Or music! 


Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Ki - 2nd summer

Swish Swish, The sound of free flowing wind, That can cast away , Any of your worries today ,Swish Swish, Can grant you any wish Even a fish!

Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Ki - 1st summer

Jelly enjoys everything in life, but espescially laughing ! She likes to focus on the good side of things and to make the most of every opportunity ! What’s essential for her is to have as much fun as possible ! Smile, move around, jump, dance, sing ; do what makes you the happiest (that’s what she’s been doing for a while, and she’s doing great) ! WeeeeeHEEEEE ! Let’s go on an adventure together !

Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Ki - 1st summer

Hello, hello! My name is Bravo! I’m so happy to be here this summer. I was a PAM in the summer of 2015 and haven’t left camp since ! Some quick facts about me : I’m an arts and crafts enthusiast, a music lover, but mostly a person who just likes to have a good laugh! Can’t wait to see you this summer, I can guarantee we are going to have fun!

Camp Counsellor - Artemusik & Ki - 1st summer

I love sushi, astrology and playing hard core tunes on my uke. If you know me, you know that I am terrible at sports, video games and whistling (but I secretly wish I was amazing at all of those things). You'll often find me with my head in the clouds, most likely daydreaming about outer space or Beyonce. Need some advice on how much glitter to add to your work of art? I'm your girl.

Camp Aid - CIT in 2015 - 2nd summer

Hi, I'm MC, short for Monte Cristo. Like the character in the book, I also possess a treasure cave, but instead of gold and gems, it’s filled with materials for games! Cool right? I'll be running everywhere around camp this summer and stop on my way to talk and make you laugh. See you around!

Pre-and-After camp 

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

Hi guys! It's me, chamomile! I look really calm on the outside, but once you get to know me I get super crazy(in a good way)! I am a really artistic person, I dance all types of dances like ballet, jazz, contemporary and even flamenco. On top of that, I play violin and a little bit of guitar and piano. I also really love to sing. I am a super energetic person and I love to meet new people. The camp will never get boring if I'm there :)

SDG GBC - 1st summer

Cupcake est un ancien campeur de garage band qui a tellement aimé son expérience qu'il ne veut plus sortir des camps Mcgill. Il est passionné par la musique, le cinéma et tout ce qui touche les arts. Il aime rigoler avec les gens et saura à coup sûr vous embarquer dans ses blagues. Un vrai plaisantin!

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

Hey guys, Nyx here! If by any chance you like to dance, sing or act, we could become great friends. So don't be shy and come say hi!

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

Je suis quelqu'un qui est très ouvert, enthousiaste et j'aime interagir dans des activités quotidiennes avec les enfants en utilisant leur imagination et leur créativité

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

Hey, it’s Maki ! After having done my CIT in 2016, I am very happy to be able to work as a pre-and after-camp monitor at camp this summer! I like music, travelling and especially sushi! I have a lot of enthusiasm and am always willing to lend an ear to others. I love interacting with children and building a rapport with them. This will be my first summer working at camp and I am really looking forward to working with you!

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

Hello, I’m Dumpling! I like to play the piano and enjoy photography! I am energetic, smiling and looking forward to having fun with you this summer!

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer

With a CIT (2016!) diploma in one hand and a passion for arts/music in the other, Sky is ready to jump into new summer adventures! She’s equipped from head to toe with her : good sense of humour, contagious laughter, creativity, endless energy, lovely singing voice and dance moves (*work in progress*). This outgoing girl loves Broadway musicals, DIY-ed stuff and camp. I would love to tell you more but the show must go on ! See you this summer ! J

CIT in 2016 - 1st summer