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Great Camp Moments Start With A Great Camp Team!

We're proud of our camp team! They're a big reason why we continue to be a part of family's summers year after year!

Camp Team Members are :

  • Selected after an extensive interview process, we want to welcome staffers that are qualified and who will contribute to the great camp experience that we offer to our campers!
  • Well trained: 50 hours of training (child development & psychology, group animation basics, themes & ice-breaker games, emergency protocols)
  • Background checked for everyone who works with our campers
  • First aid certified
  • Sharing in our vision of the importance of camp in a campers life


Message from our Director:

"Welcome to the 2017 McGill Conservatory Day Camp.  We are thrilled that you have chosen to join us for what promises to be a great summer of activity!  Your camp team has been working hard to guarantee you leave with a memorable experience. As Director of the Conservatory I'm wishing you all a fulfilling, enriching time here in the Schulich School of Music of McGill University.  Perhaps you interests will lead you to explore more of our offerings during the school year!  "

Sara Laimon - Director - McGill Conservatory


Our management team:

Mika Fund

Associate-Director at Camp - 13th summer

Every thorn has its story to tell! Cactus, a graduate in leisure studies and in Communications and Human Relations, will prick your curiosity this summer! Armed with a colourful imagination, Cactus has drawn many an unsuspecting person into her wild, far-flung stories. Ready for adventure? Cactus sure is! Ready and waiting to have an awesome time this summer with all of you!! She's happy to welcome you at camp for her 13th summer!

Coordinator -Camp Artemusik -ki - 1st summer

Snoopy is a graduate Child Psychology student at McGill. After working hard on her academic aspirations for many yeards, she is looking forward to being part of the camp world again, where her creative spirit can be let loose ! Just as the dog who has the same name, Snoopy is nice, happy and imaginative !

Coordinator - Animation - 5th summer

Odyssey is the name for a big adventure filled with magic and incredibly awesome events: it is exactly what I wish we will live together this summer at the camp! Odyssey is also the title of one of the first theatre plays ever written: you can guess that I indeed LOVE drama! I am currently studying Drama Education to become a Elementary/High School drama teacher: I found a way to mix my love for the arts and my love for children in one amazing career project! First you have to know that I love theatre just as much as Japanese people love rice: a lot! I also love to write, to play music, to enjoy a good movie, to visit art galleries, to take pictures and to read at least 2 books at a time. I also happen to work part-time an Tour Director for scholars groups visiting cities in North America: it is through that job that I discovered how much I get along with children and teenagers! You will witness yourself this summer that I am indeed a FUN-TASTIC person!

Coordinator - Specialized Camps - 1st summer

Bottines is currently studying Music at Concordia University with a specialization in Voice, and is passionnate about the arts. She loves to improvise, sing at the top of her lungs, create little treasures and goofing around the stage : she wants to do all of this with you this summer ! She believes there is almost nothing more precious in life than arts, music and friendship : let’s make some more !



Coordinator - Garage Band Camp Tour - 6th summer

One day, a guitar pick decided to strum a stratocaster's strings. The sound that came out sounded like this: "Djent!" Djent then discovered music, all the multitudes of other instruments that introduced themselves to him surrounded him in every style of music and he marveled at them. Music became his passion. He completed his DES with a concentration in percussion as has worked in the field of music ever since. He wanted to communicate his love for music so much to the world that he decided to become a camp counsellor at Garage Band Camp. He is very excited to meet tons of extraordinary people this summer and to share his ever-present passion for music! :D


CIT Trainer - 5th summer

Like the theatre's character, she is ready to do anything to go after her projects and to give you an awesome summer! She discovered her passion while she was traveling in China, where she was teaching basic English and right now she is studying drama's teaching at Uqam. Antigone like to make jokes and she often hides little treasures in her friends's bags...maybe you will find one in your bag! If you see her in the bus, she sure will be reading a comic book, she loves them, like she loves hearing people laugh around her! Don't hesitate to come talk to her, she may has little ears, but she is a good listener and she will be happy to give you advices.

Administrative Coordinator - 2nd summer

A musician herself, Hibou is looking forward to being surrounded by the creativity of campers this summer! Owls are often thought to be very wise, so Hibou will do everything she can to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to come visit her in her «nest» in the camp office!

Trained, bilingual & excited to share their love of camp!

Our team is wonderful!
 2018 positions are now up!

Bilingual, knowledgeable & love to share theirs passions!