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Here a list of the programs that are currently FULL for 2016:

- Camp Artemusiki - 5 to 6 yrs old- All Camps: FULL, wait list available

- Camp Artemusik - 7 yrs old - Camp 1 & 2: FULL, wait list available,  still places in Camp 3!

- Camp Experimento 3 (Aug 8-12 ): FULL, wait list available , still places in other sessions!

- First Act Camp (Aug 8-12): FULL, wait list available 

- Camp Guitar Initiation: FULL, wait list available 

- Camp Drum : FULL, wait list available 

- Stop Motion Camp: FULL, wait list available 

- Cinema Camp :FULL, wait list available

- CIT/DAFA camp; FULL!

Music Camp

- Music Discovery Camp , PIANO , All Camps: FULL, places in other instruments !

- Music Advance Camp , PIANO : FULL, places in other instruments !

Garage Band Camp (12-17 yrs old)

- Garage Band Camp 1 (June 27- July 8) - All Instruments : FULL, wait list available

- Garage Band Camp 2 (July 11-22 ) - Drum;  wait list available

- Garage Band Camp Tour (June 27-July 15) - Drum; wait list available


Once a camp is full, wait lists are available for all camps for free, you just need to register on it!

How does the wait list work?

1- You don't have to pay to register on the waitlist, but you do need to register using the online regsitration system!

2- Several elements influence the waitlist: Parents making "extra" camp bookings who end up unregistering, cancelling, or rebooking differents dates.

3- We don't know when parents will decide to unregister, so the best way to plan this is to decide a "deadline" date for yourself (the date at which point you will need to know for sure). At this date, please contact us (if we haven't already contact you to offer you a spot) in order to see if your status has changed or not.

4- If we have a spot for you, we will contact you by phone and by e-mail, you will have 48 hours to confirm your spot for this summer before we offer that spot to the next camper on the waiting list.