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Before you register...

You can print the "Step by Step Registration Process" document in case you want extra guidance with this!

Take a quick look at this list to make sure that you have everything you need! Our online form asks for the following pieces of information:

1. Contact info: Our registration form will ask you for four contacts (including you!) with two phone numbers for each. Usually, Contact 1 & 2 are the legal guardian of the camper and they are the first 2 persons to contact in case of emercengy. Two numbers are required for each of the 2 primary contacts. We need a minimum of 3 different numbers for the contact 1 & 2 combine.

Exemple: The same home number can be give out but we will need a different work / cell / pager number for the contact 1 & 2.

It's also at this step of the registraiton that we will ask you to provide us with the information regarding the Taxes receipts (Relevé 24) information for the summer. " 0%" = no receipts will be issue , " 50%" = both contact 1 & 2 want a taxes receipts for 50% of the admisible amount. " 100%" = the person that is requesting the receipt will have one issued for 100% of the admissible amount. No receipt will be issued without the up to date required information. Make sure to give accurate information to avoid any delay!

For the Contacts 3 & 4, it can be other persons that are authorized (or not authorized! ) to come pick-up the camper, or other family members, friends, neighbors, co-worker that can help us to reach Contact 1 at 2 in case of emercengy. For theses contact, the only information required is one phone number. We also added a Contact 5, if you need it, not mandatory!

2. Medical info: We need a valid Medicare number from your camper (make sure to indicate the province, country or company if it's not from Quebec). We also need to know about your child's authorized medication (taken by the camper or that you authorize the camp to administer if needed) allergies, previous illnesses, dietary restrictions, specific behavioural issues, physical restrictions and vaccinations. Our goal is to offer an amazing and gratifying experience to your child, don't hesitate to get us all the information that we need for that to happen!

3. Friends Request : If your child wants to be placed in a group with someone specific (friends, siblings...), make sure to have their names and ages (as of Sept. 30th, 2015) handy. We are not guaranteeing that we will be able to accomodate all requests, especially if the children are different ages (example: a 6 year old requesting to be in the group of the 8 year olds). We do our best to place every camper who are in the same class / group in school or other activities in the same camp group. Just ask us, we will do our best!

For Garage Band Camp campers: If you have a band that you'd like to play with, you'll need to give us your bandmates' names, ages (as of Sept. 30th, 2015), what instrument they play, and most importantly, a band name! Your audition should also be at the same time. If you are not in a band but want to be placed in the same band as a friend, make sure to mention it on your registration, the same goes for your audition!

For "International " campers: You are spending some time in Montreal and have chosen to include us into your itinerary? GREAT! Here some information specific to our "International" campers!
1. Language spoken at camp : We are a bilingual camp (French / English) , in order to enjoy the activities at theirs maximum (also for security reasons!) , the campers should understand / talk either french or english!
2. Residential Address on Registration: To facilitate your registration, please indicate your current address (international) as you account one. You should indicate your montreal / temporary adress for the summer by using the " Second Address" option. That way, the system will let you enter other information than only canadian phone number and address and Quebec Medical Number in the medical file of the camper.
3. Medical Insurance: Every camper needs to have medical insurance while attending camp. If your child is not elligible to the Quebec Medical Insurance program, you will need to provide your private medical insurance (such as Blue Cross or Manulife) information. If you don't have it at the moment of your registration, you can mention it in the field, we will contact you later in the spring to get all the required information!
4. Meal: As a day camp, we don't provide lunches (we are currently working on developing a project of food services but nothing is confirmed for 2015 yet!) The campers need to bring their lunch / snack / brevages with them. For security & organisation reasons, the campers are not autorized to leave camp to go get food at a restaurant on lunch break.
5. Accommodations: Campers should be leaving with a legal guardian or a responsible adult for the duration of their camp with us. No camper should be leaving by themself while attending camp.