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2014 Registration

Registration for the summer:

Click here  to register for 2014!

Registration is done through our secure web site only.

** We experimenting problems with the account creation at the moment, please contact us if you have difficulties **

Steps to register FOR NEW CAMPERS;

1- Be sure to use a good browser like Google Chrome (or Firefox or Safari). If you must use Internet Explorer, please be sure that your version is at least IE 8 or later, with all updates installed! Please also note that the payment section of the registration is not supported on tablets & smart phones, better use an actual computer!

2- First step: New Account creation. As soon as registrations will be open, a link for the regsitration system will be posted right here. You will be able to ask for a "New Account" and fill out the required fields.

2- You need to confirm your account creation by following the instructions which you will get through a confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the email address you just provided in the account creation;

3- Once created, you need to activate your account!

4- Once your account is activated, you will receive a final e-mail that will allow you to log into your account and register your child or children!


Step 1: Account holder information

You will need to provide allt he requested informations. The account holder is the premary contact (Contact 1) and all communications will be adresse to this person/adress first.

Step2 : Campers informations

You will be able to create a new camper or register a camper already link to your account. Be careful for the birthday entery, you need to enter it as YYYY-MM-DD  as specified in the filed. 

Step 3 : Camp choice and additional information

This is where you will be able to make your camp selection and ive us more info about the departure autorisation for your child. Please note that "Not authorized to leave alone" will mean that a authorize contact person will need to come inside to sign out the camper. Pay also a special attention to the "T-shirt size", many parents requeste adult size for their 6 year old ;)

(Where is Step 4?? One of them any camp mystery...!)

Step 5: Main Contact Information

This is where you will be able ton enter the rest of the information for the Contact 1 (Account holder) anf Contact 2. These 2 person are usualy the legal gardian for the camper. Please note that you will also need 2 others contact in case of emergency.

Step 6: Additional Contacts

You will need 2 extra contacts  that we can reach in case of emergency. Theses contact could be relatives that are authorized to pick up the camper, friends, neighbors, work collegues, parents of other camper if you are car-pooling...Please note theses contacts are there to help us reach you , not to take medical decisions for your child.  

Step 7: Medical Form

Don't be surprise by the amount for informations requested on that step. Since you are leaving your most valuable tresor with us for the day, we want to make sure that we have all the informations in case of emergency. It's also it that section thatyou can let us know if your child as special needs , allergies or behavioural challenges.

Step 8: Select Options

You will be able to select your camp options (Pre-and-after camp supervision* all include package, Camp cap, Web photos, Group photo...) If you are not ready do to so at the regsitration, you will always be able to add them later on by contacting the office. Please read attentively the "Terms & Conditions" , "Refund Conditions", " Picture & Video" and "Additional Conditions" before agreeing:)  * For the pre-and-after camp supervision,  you can also pay as you use during camp.

Step 9 : Confirmation of registration

Print this! It's your registration confirmation. You will find all the infos about your camp selection for the summer (date, amount due, options selection, confirmation number...) 


Click on the "Home" button, and on the welcome page of the registration system, click on "Online payment".

You will be able to entirely or to change the amount for one fo your choice, as long as it cover the 50$ of registration fees. The dedline for payements is May 16.

Once you are ready to make your payement, click on the gray button that says " Pay using the McGill Online Payment System" ,you will be redirected to the McGill online payment system.

Don't forget to print your payement copy for your files!


(If you were a camper with us in 2011 or before, you will need to create a new account with us, see section above)

1- Be sure to use a good browser like Google Chrome. If you must use Internet Explorer, please make sure that your version is at least IE 8 or later, with all the updates installed!

2 - You will need to enter your login information from last year, and then do your registration by using all your saved information from 2013! 

3- Forgot your password? Well, you will have to click at the bottom of the page, on "If you forgot your password click here " The system will send you an e-mail stating that you have requested a new password. Follow the hyperlink and choose a new password.



4- You will get another e-mail confirming that you are trying to reactivate your account; follow the link, you will be able to register for 2013 with most of your information form 2012!


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