Dance Camp

Dance Camp

Now featuring 2 levels! Auditions will happen on the first Monday morning!


Age: 8 to 17 years old, 2 levels

For our 8- to 17-year-old ‘movers and shakers’, we proudly offer our Dance Camp: a two-week-long opportunity for them to express themselves with their entire bodies! From their heads to their toes, this is where they get to move and spend their energy. Self-expression and music/rhythm/movement coordination are the secret of this superb program! Dance Camp participants are subdivided by age and dance experience. One or two camp counsellors are then assigned to each group, depending on its size. They spend each two-week session participating in all the activities with the same group.

Every day begins at 9 am with a warm-up session that brings together all the Dance Camp participants. Next, it's outside for a snack and then the rest of the morning is spent dancing! Following lunch, campers get a fun relaxation/stretching/workout session! (led in perfect camp spirit!) In the afternoon, some of the campers start by dancing, others do arts & crafts to prepare sets and props, while yet others begin with drama to prepare small introductory scenes for the dance numbers presented at the End-of-Camp Show. Groups switch from one workshop to another during the course of the afternoon.

Come have a blast creating and rehearsing a variety of dance numbers and presenting them in a magnificent End-of-Camp Show!

Also this summer : Intensive Dance Camp (8-12 yrs old)

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Some clips from a Dance Camp show: