Camp Artemusik

Age: 7 to 12 years old

The Camp Artemusik is our most popular program. More than 100 children per 2-week session are registered for this wonderful artistic extravaganza.

We subdivide them into five different age groups. One camp counsellor spends each two-week session participating in all activities with the same group. Each workshop is led by a qualified teacher.

Each day begins at 9 a.m. with one of the 6 workshops where we will work on a part of the show. So don't be late, you'll miss some fun! Campers attend all six workshops and finish at 4 p.m. each day.


The participants are then divided into age groups for five more workshops of 45 minutes each:



This workshop is different for each group! We learn our songs for the show but also the song that every group is performing at the show. . We learn songs in french & english, new vocal techniques and even new melodies and musical styles!  Works of every style are sung out with glee...

Arts & Crafts

Set, costumes and accessories for our End-of-Camp Show are on the menu of our arts & crafts workshop. We cut, paint, draw, colour, assemble, invent and create all sorts of fun stuff! Several small, medium and large projects with one common goal: to lend a magical atmosphere to our End-of-Camp Show.


The dance workshop allows every body to express themselves ... From your head to your toes, your navel and your nose, this is your chance to shake, rattle and release all your pent-up energy! Self-expression, coordination, motor memory, music and rhythm awareness are what make this workshop so popular every year!


This is a special workshop! It's where the story & characters will be revealed and polished for the duration of camp! Each group gets a character that will be developed into different roles, some with lines, some without! Our goal is for everyone to get on stage with the same level of excitement & proudness! A lots of work ahead of us and we will like it too :)


In the percussion workshop we get to experiment with all sorts of instruments: xylophones, bongos, congas, drums, tam-tams, cymbals, shakers, thunder sheet, cowbells, drum set, triangles, cans, plastic containers, garbage pails, et cetera, et cetera! We explore all facets of sound, rhythm and music. Time to make some noise? Nooooo! Time to make A LOT of noise! Even if it is improbable (impossible!) for all theses instruments  to be featured in our number during the show of end of camp, the percussion workshop gives us chance to try a lot of them! And what's more - we put it all together to create one funky piece of percussive music that will be highlighted during the end-of-camp show! 

Sports & Games

What better way to stretch your legs than to go run outside? The sports and games activity happens mostly outdoors, on the main campus of McGill University or at F.A.C.E.'s schoolyard. Soccer, all kinds of tag, parachute, obstacle courses, kimball, tag-team running, "planets" (this one is good for getting dirty!!!), "conductor," "pear ball,"  etc. Our counsellors' imaginations are endless! They'll make sure you have an unforgettable time! This workshop is the perfect opportunity to put our mind out of the show and move and perhaps even try new challenges that have nothing to do with arts and music! Teamwork skills and the pleasure of living the summer to its fullest are the goal for this workshop! 


Special activities: a day camp classic, are organized twice per session (Camp Fair? Olympics? Tradition? Costume Day? More infos in the Camper's guide! )  and the schedule for the last Thursday and Friday of each session is different.

The camp session 1 & 3  explore the same story, that's why if you wish to attend multiple camps, we recommend that you register for 2 sessions : 1 & 2, or 2 & 3

Click here for more details: dates, fees and pre- and after-camp supervision.


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Some clips from an Artemusik Show: