Cinema Camp

Cinema/Video Camp

Cinema/Video Camp

Cinema Camp

13 years old and +

This camp is for campers who wish to dig deeper and build on the experience they gained in our Video Camp. Set-up similarly to the Video Camp, Cinema Camp offers a limited number of spaces for campers looking to make the next box office hit. Previous experience at Video Camp is not a prerequisite for Cinema Camp, but it is a definite plus!

There are fewer projects at Cinema Camp than at Video Camp, and each project is crafted with more care and attention to detail. Slates, boom microphones, and semi-professional cameras play vital roles in these wide-distribution productions! (Note that the camera featured in the photos on this page is the one used for the Video Camp and NOT the Cinema Camp.)

In addition, Cinema Campers will be part of the crew responsible for filming our regular camp’s End-of-Camp shows!

Three two-week-long sessions are planned for this summer, each session ending with a memorable installment of the MCDC Film Festival!

This summer, each session has a different theme:

Camp 1 - Fiction

For you, film is first and foremost the act of story telling. Do you love inventing stories, are you interested in the psychology of a character, and want to direct? Since the dawn of humanity, stories have compelled human imagination, and fictional film is part of this narrative heritage.

Activities: A large amount of technical workshops, meeting with a professional filmmaker, filming with actors from the Drama Camp.

Camp 2 - Videoclip

For you, sound and image only form a whole when together. Are you interested in artistic expression, and in technical structuring and music? Special effects, editing of long shots, and action filming are on the menu at the videoclip session.

Activities: Filming with Musical Groups from Garage Band Camp, exploration of Final Cut Pro, and meeting with a music video director.

Camp 3 - Animation

Are you fascinated by the world of the imaginary and the surreal? You have ideas for films that are impossible to realize with real actors? Do you like crafts, drawing, and building models? All animation techniques will be considered: from claymation, to digital animation, as well as drawing and cut-outs.

Activities: a visit to the National Film Board and workshops in Reel-Animation, meeting with an animation filmmaker.

Every camper registered into the Cinema Camp  will receive a questionnaire (in May) to have a better idea of your talents & interest


Cine Cabaret Creation Camp

Do you know the Kino movement ? We get our inspiration from these renowned events (born here in Montreal!) and we do a 40h version of it! The goal here? Create a short film in a determined amount of time, where the DIY spirit is encouraged! Guidelines regarding the time allowed, the styles, location and mandatory elements to include will be will be announced in the first few moments of the camp to stimulate the imagination and the creativity of the participants! The key phrase of the Kino community will guide our week-long experience: "Doing well with nothing, doing better with little, but doing it now!" If you love to use your creativity to create projects with others artists where collaboration & spontaneity are omnipresent, this is a camp for you!

This camp requires a certain knowledge of script writing, filming techniques & editing, previous experiences & enthusiasm required!

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