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CIT Camp

CIT Camp

CIT Camp

Counselor-in-Training Camp

Age: 15 to 17 years old.


What is the Counselor-in-Training Program?

The Counselor-in-Training Program (or C.I.T., for veterans) is designed for youth from 15 to 17 years old, hoping to one day become a camp counselor. The program is a Association des Camps du Quebec training, which, following its completion, allows one to work in camps in the summers. The C.I.T. program takes place over five weeks, with two days spent together at a sleepaway camp.

During the program, the future counselors will be trained in all aspects of camp life: the role of the counselor, working with children, animation, the planning of activities, creativity, safety, coworker relations, etc. Over the course of the five weeks, the C.I.T.s will take on responsibilities around camp, and will complete the program with a placement in a group from the McGill Conservatory Day Camp.

The C.I.T. program is also an exciting experience in meeting and working with others! Alongside peers with similar interests, trainees will have the chance to develop their personal leadership, their creativity, and their animation skills.

After the completion of the program, trainees receive a certificate from the Association des Camps du Quebec (ACQ), which comprises 125 camps in the province of Quebec. This permits one, as early as the following summer, to work in both day camps and sleepaway camps. This training is considered a major asset for many camps when hiring summer staff, including the McGill Conservatory Day Camp.


What do the CIT's do all day?

The C.I.T. program covers 19 different blocks of training such as: child psychology & needs, the role and responsibilities of a camp counsellor, an introduction to the world of camps and leisures, planning activities, creativity, job hunting, safety & prevention, group work, etc. The C.I.T. will spend 125 hours in learning (theory) mode, 50 hours is dedicated to their practical internship, and 25 hours on the distinct aspects of the camp (with us it's the end-of-camp shows!)

The program offers a strong base with which to work in the day camp environment, but the C.I.T.'s will also travel to a sleep-away camp to experience life & activities in that type of camp! The future camp counsellors will also complete a First Aid training (8 hours) during the five weeks of training. 

To get their certification at the end of the camp, the C.I.T. needs to have completed the 200 hours of training, submit to their C.I.T. leaders all required paper work; a weekly planning and a big game planning will be requested, and pass their exam as well as meet their evaluation of capabilities. 


Do we need to be bilingual to follow the program?

Not necessarily. All the workshops are given in both languages, depending on the needs of the groups. However, since our clientele is bilingual, you will need to find a way to make yourself understood during your internship. C'est une bonne chose que le PAM accueille des jeunes francophones et anglophones...


Pre-camp meetings

- Thursday June 2, 6 to 9 p.m.

- Saturday June 4, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

- Saturday June 11, 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

- Saturday June 18, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Benefits of doing a C.I.T. program at the McGill Conservatory Day Camp

  • Grounded in the Performing Arts: Trainees will participate closely in the organization of the many shows put on by the McGill Conservatory Day Camp. Rehearsal, logistics, costumes, backstage management, etc. If you love music, theatre, fine arts, video, cinema or dance, this camp is for you!
  • A Bilingual Program: Like all McGill Conservatory Day Camp programs, the C.I.T. program is completely bilingual. All animation and training is done both in English and French. This makes it a perfect opportunity to develop your second language. The ability to work in English as well as in French will provide a major advantage for future employment.
  • Techno-Savvy: the McGill Conservatory Day Camp fully utilizes all technologies: digital cameras, digital video, digital music, internet, etc. On top of your experience at camp, you will benefit from training in the use of a variety of technologies used by the camp.
  • A Reputation for Innovation: Since its start in 1996, McGill Conservatory Day Camp has continuously evolved and developed its innovative programs: Garage Band Camp, Percussion Camp, Video and Cinema Camp, etc. To take part in the C.I.T. program at the McGill Conservatory Day Camp is to join this culture of excitement, art, and originality.
  • Perfectly Situated: the camp is situated on the McGill University Campus in downtown Montreal. It is easily accessible by car, bus, or metro, and is in walking distance of many great sites (Montreal Jazz Fest, Museums, Mount-Royal, etc.)



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