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Camp Artemusiki




Age: 5 to 6 years old.

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The Artemusiki Camp program is for little ones from 4 to 6 years old who want to live a magical experience! During their 2 week stay, the young artists will have fun creating a show, in both French and English.

Our little artists are divided into 3 age groups and two camp counsellors will accompany each group everyday, all day long, in every activity. A qualified teacher will inspire them during each of the daily workshops.

The camp session 1 & 3  explore the same story, that's why if you wish to attend multiple camps, we recommend that you register for 2 sessions : 1 & 2, -or 2 & 3

Movement Workshop:

This workshop encourages the children to express themselves through body movement, while listening to different sounds! In this activity, where theater and dance are joined together, our little artists will move while exploring their natural acting talents. Each group will have a role to play in the show. This summer, will you be a lion, king of the jungle, or a hippopotamus who loves water? A heroic knight, or a malicious monster? A freezing polar bear, or an extremely hot sun?


Visual Art Workshop:

The visual art workshop makes it possible for our campers to make their own set design and their own costumes, according to the theme of the show. Their imagination and their creativity will be put to the test! Scissors? Got it! Glue? Got it! Paint? Got it! You are the only thing missing!


Music Workshop:

During the music workshop, the artist/camper will be able to “blow off steam” on a variety of instruments: xylophones, bongos, congas, drums, tam tams, cymbals, shakers, triangles, etc! Here, we make NOISE! The rhythm and music of various songs and melodies will be explored in this workshop! Parents be ready! We will sing at the top of our lungs!


Sports Workshop:

The day is not exclusively reserved for the creation of the show! Every day, our little campers will benefit from a sports workshop where they can have fun and "go crazy”. At this workshop, you'll have to move and use a lot of energy. Our sporty artists will surely be entertained!


Relaxation Workshop:

A period of relaxation/nap time will also be offered to our little ones once a day, in order to be ready for an afternoon filled with more activities! For older campers, who do not wish to take a nap, a different game will be organized every day. Whether we are playing “4 goals soccer”, a board game, or listening to the narration of an eccentric tale, our older ones will be thrilled.


Special Activities:

Once a week, a fair will be organized for our young ones. Magic characters will animate a story, in which the children will be the heroes going on a special quest. Our campers indulge in various games oustide on this beautiful energy-filled afternoon! There will also be a dress-up day once a week, according to a preselected theme. This will be another occasion to “go crazy” and dress funny!



For 2014, the Artemusiki Camp will be held at McGill University's Schulich Shool of Music, 555 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal. We have access to air-conditioned classes for most of our workshops with Artemusiki.


Details will be sent in June via email to all registered campers.

Clips from a Camp Artemusiki show: