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Complex Traits Group

The Complex Traits theme is one of the five research themes of the Life Sciences Complex, the largest construction project in the history of McGill University. CFI and other support was used to create two inter-connected research spaces of the Life Sciences Complex (LSC), namely the Bellini Life Sciences Building (BLSB), and the Cancer Pavilion. This substantial investment provides a modern infrastructure, with state-of-the art facilities, supporting the work of approximately 60 principal investigators and 600 researchers. This integrative environment enables an ambitious program in basic multidisciplinary research along five major themes: Developmental Biology, Cancer, Cell Information Systems, Complex Traits, and Chemical Genetics. The concept of non-departmental based multidisciplinary research conducted by the five research themes in the same physical entity and supported by cross-cutting state of the art technology platforms and core facilities, is the corner stone of the Life Sciences Complex.