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McGill's impact in Quebec

  • A network of healing

    McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and its partners are working hard to address the shortage of health professionals in Quebec.

  • Dental care for all

    McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry, in collaboration with community organizations, offers free dental services to the disadvantaged.

  • The Edible Campus project has turned a neglected terrace into an urban garden whose harvests feed those in need.

McGill med students power the not-for-profit Vitamin Sport, which provides fun, safe and accessible sports and nutrition programs to elementary students.
Biofuels: Working toward a world without oil
Northern Quebec: Vast and complex
Transport in common: Greenlighting the reduction of greenhouse gases
McGill’s Department of French Language and Literature is a major player in the Quebec literary scene.
Health system: Better management for better care.
Family medicine: Meeting Quebecers’ growing needs.
Innovation: A unique district may point to the city of tomorrow
Healthy aging: Older, but stronger
Yellow Door, an iconic Milton-Parc community centre with deep ties to McGill helps seniors stay active and involved in community life.
Working with high schools across Quebec to reward the efforts of our most promising young science and math enthusiasts.
McGill is helping build Quebec's human capital, uncover valuable knowledge and create top-quality jobs.
A group of McGill students is tapping into the power of music to transform the lives of disadvantaged children—one lesson at a time.
Domestic violence: Protecting the victims and changing the abusers
McGill, MUHC and Chinese Lions Club team up to offer free eye clinic.