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The Grow Home costs only $100,000 to build, substantially less than the average selling price of a Canadian home.

The 51st annual McGill High School Debating Tournament welcomed 187 high school students from across Canada.

McGill researcher Delphine Collin-Vézina is studying the accuracy of statistics concerning sexual abuse of children.

McGill researcher Don Smith is on the front lines of the worldwide fight to find green ways of feeding burgeoning populations.

Grace Egeland says Inuit diets are moving away from traditional hunted and harvested foods.

McGill's impact in Canada


Uncovering hidden abuse
Child abuse may be dropping in Canada, but then again it may not... A McGill researcher works to understand the problem so victims can get the support they need.
Revisiting traditional foods
Traditional Inuit foods like berries, game and seaweed pack major nutritional punch, and a McGill team is helping to keep them on the menu.
Seeking justice for all
Some legal interns do more than get coffee. A McGill internship program sees Law students fighting for social justice in cities and remote regions of the country.
Nutritional supplement boosts productivity—for plants
A new green compound lets farmers boost their crop yields for pennies per acre.
A transformative experience—no debate about it
High-school students from across Canada learn valuable skills and experience a world-class university at the annual McGill Debating Tournament.
For sale: A home to grow in
The Grow Home uses innovative architectural design and costs only $100,000 to build, putting home ownership in reach for thousands across Canada.