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External Relations

Government relations

The Office of Communications and External Relations leads McGill's relations with the provincial and federal governments, with the City of Montreal and other municipalities. We interact with government officials at all levels in order to further the university's goals and priorities. We serve as a resource to the senior administration and the university community and collaborate closely with colleagues across McGill to establish and enhance constructive partnerships with government. We strive to articulate McGill's challenges and needs and to highlight the University's achievements. We are also responsible for McGill's relations with many public sector institutions and non-governmental organizations.

Official briefs

Community relations

We seek to strengthen ties and facilitate harmonious and effective relations between McGill and our neighboring communities. We strive to deepen McGill's engagement in its communities by participation in constructive activities in partnership with citizens, community groups and local organizations. We provide information about the University's impact on the social life and economy of Montreal and the broader community.

Inter-institutional relations

We advance productive relationships and partnerships with our counterparts across the higher education network in Quebec and in the rest of Canada and provide input and analysis on issues and directions for McGill and the Quebec university system as a whole.