Staff & Faculty Collaborations

Campus Life & Engagement is one of the units that make up McGill's Student Services. We have 6 full-time staff members, a number of student employees, and a large roster of student volunteers. As your colleagues at the University, we are always looking for ways to get involved, collaborate, and co-design. We are interested in any way that we can help fulfill Student Services' mission of promoting student success and well-being.


Connect with CL&E if you and/or your office, group, or unit is interested in:

  • Collaborating on new or existing initiatives, projects, or programs

  • Custom trainings or presentations for your staff or student staff/volunteers
       Topics could include: new student support, leadership development, student communication, facilitation skills

  • Having any of our staff members join a committee or advisory/working/steering group

Click here for a list of current and past committees with CL&E staff in their membership

Admissions/Enrolment Services Operations Process (AESOP) Group, Advisory Committee on Alcohol Policy (ACAP), Committee on Student Services (CSS), Student Services' Directors' Group, Discover McGill Planning Group, CL&E Advisory Board, Open House Committee, Orientation Planning Group, Roadmap to Advising, Spotlight on Service, Student Services Communications, Senate Sub-Committee on Undergraduate Advising, Cycling Working Group, Consultation Fair Working Group, Student Engagement (Deputy-Provost, SLL), Vision 2020: Connectivity



Campus Life & Engagement also plays a central role in coordinating and providing communications and promotions for Student Services, including staffing the front desk reception (McTavish entrance) of the Brown Student Services Building (3600 McTavish) and representing Student Services at campus events, such as Open House.

Contact CL&E at cle [at] if you would like to order printed copies of any CL&E or Student Services publications, such as our new student orientation guide, first-year university calendar, Student Services brochure, or Student Services' campus map (charges may apply).