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Student Leaders and Campus Groups

At Campus Life & Engagement, we see "leadership" as the ability to effect positive change with a group of mutual purpose-driven collaborators. That's why we want to make sure that any student at McGill can be involved in leadership and develop necessary and relevant skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Services, programs, and resources that CL&E provides or (co-)coordinates for current or aspiring student executives and leaders includes, but is not limited to:

Custom trainings, presentations, and consultations

The staff at CL&E can provide you and your group with any number of training sessions, presentations, or consultations. Subject matter expertise at CL&E includes new student support, leadership development, student communication, and facilitation skills. Email cle [at] mcgill [dot] ca for more information.

Facilitation at events and retreats

The staff at CL&E is available to guide guide and facilitate discussion at any number of your group's events, including retreats, conferences, workshops, and meetings. Email mitchell [dot] miller [at] mcgill [dot] ca for more information.

Collaboration on initiatives, projects, and programs

If you are creating or looking to revamp a project, initative, or event, then get in touch with us and we can find you someone to collaborate with. We're pros here at event planning and management, culture change, and project development. Email cle [at] mcgill [dot] ca for more information.

Past and current collaborations include: Frosh, Off-Campus Fellows, Milton-Parc Community Ambassadors

Promotion of campus groups and events

At Campus Life & Engagement, we want to make sure students are engaged in the campus life here! If you have an event or program you want students to know about, then send us some info about it and we can share it on any of our relevant email and social media channels. Email mitchell [dot] miller [at] mcgill [dot] ca for more information.

Alcohol Server Training Program (with Healthy McGill)

McGill University requires that at least one Event Coordinator and all event servers at all student events (involving alcohol) attend a Server Training session. The University will not issue alcohol permits or book an event and/or book a room until this training is complete, so if you're planning a party you will want to be trained well in advance. The Server Training Program educates student alcohol providers about their legal responsibilities as servers, and provides practical methods for ensuring responsible consumption and a safe environment. 

SEAMLESS summit for faculty/school association student executives (with SSMU)

SSMU and CL&E hosts an annual summit for student executives at McGill, titled SEAMLESS (Student Executives at McGill Learning, Engaging, Sharing, & Strategizing). SEAMLESS brings together students from different faculty and school associations to network, discuss the role of student associations and executives at McGill, share successful practices, and identify possible points of collaboration.

"Better McGill" Fund (more info coming soon!)

Check back for more information about this new fund for students and student groups who are trying to make a great university even better!

Online organizational development courses and skills development resources (coming soon!)

Check back for more information about our suite of online courses meant to help and support students in campus groups.

Tentative topics include financial responsibility, project/event planning, effective team building, end-of-year transitions, and more!

For more information on our services and programs for student executives and groups, please contact Mitchell Miller, Student Life Coordinator, at mitchell [dot] miller [at] mcgill [dot] ca